Saturday, November 18, 2006

racing almanac

Racing almanac

CHENNAI: Original Vel has brought out its latest two-volume racing record book which contains results of the races held from April 14 to October 30, 2006 at Udhagamandalam, Bangalore (summer), Mysore (summer and main season), Madras (monsoon), Hyderabad (monsoon), Calcutta (monsoon) and Pune.
The book is priced at Rs. 150.

hyderabad track work

Turf Raider and Glare please

Hyderabad: Hyderabad: Turf Raider, Glare and Dama Grande pleased when the horses were exercised here on Saturday morning (Nov.18).
600m: Ekam Ekam Ekam (Shinde), Penumatcha (Ganesh) 45.5, 400/30.5. Both were level. Russian Mission (B. V. Krishnan), World Vision (Pavan Kumar) 47, 400/31. They were easy. Tropical Blossom (Ravinder), Star N Style (Uday Kiran) 45.5, 400/31. They were easy. Spanish Cruise (rb) 46.5, 400/30. Not extended. Victoria Cross (rb) 46.5, 400/30. Easy. Crocodile Hunter (Chary) 45.5, 400/30. Moved well. Lady In Style (Ali Khan), Exclusive Monarch (Qazafi) 47. They were easy. Fabulous Crown (Abhinay), Jugnu (rb) 45, 400/30. Both level.
800m: Sim Sim (Sandeep) 59, 600/43.5, 400/29.5. Moved well. Dark Desire (Trainer) 59.5, 600/44, 400/31.5. Easy. Australis (Ruzzan) (1,200-400) 1-3. Easy. Glare (Trainer) 56.5, 600/43, 400/28. Retains form. Spark The Night (rb) 1-1, (800-400) 29. Moved freely. Walk In The Park (B. V. Krishnan) 59.5, 600/44, 400/28. Moved well. Bentota (rb) 59, 600/43.5, 400/29. Improved. Green Lasser (D. Singh) 1-0.5, 600/46, 400/30.5. Moved on the bit. Red Carpet (Sequeira) 1-0.5, 400/28.5. Moved well. Onnu Onnu Onnu (Trainer) 59, 400/30. Handy. Rising Rays (Qazafi), Ne Tlus Ultra (rb) 1-0.5, 600/45.5, 400/31. Former moved better. Shes Got The Look (S. Nayak), Battle Glory (rb) 58, 600/44.5, 400/30. Former finished three lengths in front. Hummer (B. V. Krishnan) 1-0.5, 600/45.5, 400/30.5. Easy. Heck Of A Guy (S. Nayak), Artistic Show (rb) 56.5, 600/42.5. Former a length in front. Habituated (D. Singh) 1-0, 600/45. Moved on the bit. Premier Thrill (Sequeira) 1-0, 600/44, 400/29. Pleased. Turf Raider (Rawal) 55.5, 600/41.5, 400/27. Impressed. Ten Downing Street (Chary), Sincerity (Ravinder) 1-0.5, 600/45, 400/29.5. They finished together. Royal Light (Qazafi), Bell Air (Ali Khan) 1-1.5, 600/47, 400/31.5. They were easy and level.
1,000m: Stampede (Shinde) 1-16, 800/59.5. Moved well. Punjab Regiment (Pavan Kumar) 1-15, 800/58.5, 600/44.5, 400/30. Slightly improved. Ekagra (Ruzzan), Tigana (Chary) 1-14, 800/58, 600/44.5, 400/30.5. Latter was extended to finish level. Sir Creek (B. V. Krishnan), Choice Of White (Pramod) 1-15, 800/58, 600/43, 400/28.5. Former showed out.
1,200m: Commander Moial (D. Singh) 1-33, (1,200-400) 1-1.5. Handy. First Warrior (Ruzzan) 1-32, 1,000/1-16.5, 800/59, 600/44. Worked well. Mirbat Battle (S. Nayak), Special Force (rb) 1-31.5, (1,200-400) 58. Former finished three lengths in front. Dama Grande (Sandeep) 1-28.5, 1,000/1-12.5, 800/58, 400/31. Impressed.

mumbai track work

Dream Destiny and Gaea impress

Mumbai: Mumbai: Gaea and Dream Destiny impressed when the horses were exercised here on Saturday morning (Nov. 18).

Outer sand:
600m: Land Of Peace (Kamlesh), Sea Storm (Jethu) 42. They were easy. Star Girl (S. R. Bhagwat) 40. Easy. Consuella (V. Kadam), Live Star (Neeraj) 42. Pair level. Spica (S. Chinoy), Fairy Goddess (Baandal) 41.5. They finished level.
800m: Shyboy (T. S. Jodha) 51.5, 600/38.5. Moved well. Gigi (Sandeep), Esanika (J. Chinoy) 55, 600/40. Former better. King's Best (V. Jodha), Habit (N. Jodha) 54.5, 600/41. They ended level. Asian Express (Pradeep) 51.5, 600/39.5. Urged. Oojah (S. N. Chavan) 55, 600/40.5. Moved freely. Touch A Star (Neeraj) 51.5, 600/38.5. Moved well. Elucidate (C. Rajendra), Classic (Pereira) 53.5, 600/40.5. Former ended six lengths in front. Amazing Power (Jethu) 51.5, 600/39. Moved well. Sirius Black (Bhadke), Kaikam's Pride (Bernard) 55, 600/40. They finished level. Mughal E Azam (Baandal), Festive Light (S. Chinoy) 53.5, 600/39. They finished level.
1,000m: Dynasty (McCullagh), Britney (Rupesh) 1-8, 600/41. Former finished eight lengths ahead. Live Legend (C. Rajendra), Silver Tern (Mansoor) 1-7, 600/39.5. Former ended three lengths in front. Beyond Belief (C. Rajendra), The Praetorian (Mansoor) 1-7, 600/39.5. Former finished five lengths ahead. Star Galaxy (Harish) 1-6, 600/40.5. Moved well. Crown Court (McCullagh), Some Time (Rupesh) 1-7, 600/41. They were well in hand and finished level. Steel Butterfly (Rupesh), Blue Ribbon (McCullagh) 1-9, 600/41.5. Pair level. Gaea (Kamlesh), Great Alliance (Merchant) 1-5, 600/38.5. Former strode out well and finished four lengths ahead. Spirituall (McCullagh), Victor Ivanov (Rupesh) 1-8.5, 600/40. Former ended five lengths in front. Dedication (S. N. Chavan), Sixty Seconds (C. S. Jodha) 1-6, 600/41. Former ended two lengths in front.
1,200m: Marmaris (C. Rajendra), Stubbs (Kamlesh) 1-27, 1,000/1-11, 600/41. Former superior. Dream Destiny (McCullagh), Colonel Cool (Rupesh) 1-22, 600/40.5. Former was well in hand and finished level. All The Rage (P. S. Chouhan) 1-21.5, 600/39.5. Moved attractively. Totalitarian (McCullagh), Salazaar (Harish) 1-23.5, 600/40.5. Former ended six lengths in front. Star Conquest (C. Rajendra) 1-26.5, 1,000/1-11, 600/43. Handy. Dreaming (McCullagh) 1-20.5, 600/40. Shaped well. Fantastic Fury (Kharadi) 1-22, 600/42. Pressed in the last part. Diego Rivera (McCullagh), Auryn (Rupesh) 1-22, 600/40. Former moved well and they finished level.
Inner sand:
600m: Call To Arms (T. Mahesh) 41. Easy.

hyderabad races selections

Symbol Of Speed appeals most

Hyderabad: Hyderabad: Symbol Of Speed appeals most among the ten runners in the fray for the Golconda 1000 Guineas (1,600m), the main event of the races to be held here on Sunday (Nov. 19).
There will be no false rails.
1 CABARET PLATE (Div. I) (1,400m) - Cat-III, 4-y-o & over, rated upto 30 - 1-10 p.m: 1. Peace Talks (Srinivas) 1 B. V. Krishnan 60, 2. Thrust Two (N. Rao) 2 D. Singh 58.5, 3. Royal Duty (Raju) 9 Pawar 56.5, 4. Benazir (Silvester) 7 Sandeep 53, 5. Air Max Fly (F. Hassan) 3 R. B. Shinde 52, 6. Racing Is Fun (Shamsuddin) 6 Umesh 51, 7. Blue Wave (Habibullah) 5 Abhinay 50.5, 8. Secret Archives (F. Hassan) 8 Chary 49 and 9. Blazing Rhythm (Prasad) 4 N. Rawal 48.5.
PEACE TALKS: Should do well in this company. ROYAL DUTY: Ignore his previous runs; looks fit. BENAZIR: Seen finishing on well in Clare Bridge's 1,400m. AIR MAX FLY: Working well enough. BLUE WAVE: Fit for the fray.
1. Blue Wave, 2. Benazir,
3. Royal Duty
2 GRACE HANOVAR PLATE (1,100m) - Cat-II, Maiden 2-y-o (Terms) - 1-40: 1. Arsham (S. Abbas) 7 Ali Khan 55, 2. Montush (Kassam) 5 Laxman 55, 3. Rising Rays (Srinagesh) 8 Suraj Narredu 55, 4. Tenth Planet (Vatsalya) 2 R. B. Shinde 55, 5. Amstel (L. D'Silva) 3 A. Imran Khan 53.5, 6. Bonny Star (Raju) 6 Sreekant 53.5, 7. Jet Express (Prasad) 1 G. B. Khade 53.5, and 8. Orange County (Satyanarayana) 4 B. Prakash 53.5.
MONTUSH: His gallop in the company of Fire Brigade on Wednesday was impressive. RISING RAYS: Moving well in the trials. AMSTEL: Looks fit. ORANGE COUNTY: Shaping well in the trials.
1. Amstel, 2. Orange County,
3. Montush
3 CHIEF JUSTICE OF A. P. TROPHY (1,600m) - Cat-I, 3-y-o & over - 2-10: 1. Red Key Point (Deshmukh) 6 D. Singh 61, 2. Here Comes The Sun (Rafaat) 4 Gallagher 58, 3. Oxfordshire (L. D'Silva) 8 A. Imran Khan 56.5, 4. Spanish Cruise (S. Abbas) 1 S. Nayak 54.5, 5. Royal Ruby (Prasad) 2 Suraj Narredu 54, 6. Ryder (Netto) 3 Sequeira 51, 7. Royal Hawk (N. Rao) 7 R. B. Shinde 50 and 8. All Round (Prasad) 5 Ashhad 48.5.
RED KEY POINT: Deserves following on his consistency. HERE COMES THE SUN: A failed favourite last time; warrants continued support. OXFORDSHIRE: Unbeaten in his four starts; in rousing form. ALL ROUND: Appeals on weights.
1. Oxfordshire, 2. Red Key Point,
3. Here Comes The Sun
4 BAKRANANGAL PLATE (1,200m) - Cat-II, 3-y-o & over, rated upto 70 - 2-40: 1. Shikra (Netto) 8 R. B. Shinde 60, 2. Sixth Element (Laxman S) 1 Qazafi 55, 3. Portfolio (Satyanarayana) 7 I. Chisty 53, 4. Secret Silence (Shamsuddin) 4 Sharook 53, 5. Proud Accolade (Prasad) 2 Suraj Narredu 52.5, 6. Cogent (Netto) 3 Sequeira 52, 7. Music Express (Satyanarayana) 9 Christopher 52, 8. Arkwright (L. D'Silva) 6 A. Imran Khan 51.5 and 9. Kid Brother (Satyanarayana) 5 K. Anil 50.5.
SHIKRA: Has come down a lot in handicap; may raise a winning gallop. SIXTH ELEMENT: Ran Flower Princess to a length over 1,400m; should be persisted with. PORTFOLIO: Won well over 1,200m; may repeat. PROUD ACCOLADE: Comes into the reckoning on his second to Good Speed (1,400m); moving attractively in the morning trials. ARKWRIGHT: Well in at the weights.
1. Sixth Element,
2. Proud Accolade,
3. Arkwright
5 TIME AND PLACE PLATE (Div. I) (1,400m) - Cat-II, 5-y-o & over, rated upto 70 - 3-15: 1. Exclusive Run (Prasad) 1 Suraj Narredu 60, 2. Hunting Hawk (Kassam) 8 Christopher 60, 3. Irish Nip (Faiyaz) 9 Ramana 60, 4. Turbanator (Satyanarayana) 5 Qazafi 56, 5. Royal Award (Shamsuddin) 7 Ganesh 55, 6. Mr Bureaucrat (Srinivas) 6 Pavan Kumar 54.5, 7. Royal Emblem (S. Abbas) 2 S. Nayak 54.5, 8. Clear Zone (N. Rao) 4 Suresh 53.5 and 9. Stornoway (Rafaat) 3 Chary 51.5.
EXCLUSIVE RUN: Ignore his last run; may raise a winning gallop. HUNTING HAWK: A fair fourth in Key To Relax's 1,400m; an each way chance. ROYAL AWARD: Working well. CLEAR ZONE: Has come down in handicap; keep an eye.
1. Exclusive Run,
2. Hunting Hawk,
3. Clear Zone
6 TIME AND PLACE PLATE (Div. II) (1,400m) - Cat-II, 5-y-o & over, rated upto 70 - 3-45: 1. Suryarath (Prasad) 2 Suraj Narredu 60, 2. Manchester Babe (Vatsalya) 3 R. B. Shinde 57.5, 3. Santana Row (Satyanarayana) 8 A. Imran Khan 57.5, 4. Bulbasaur (Faiyaz) 5 Ramana 55.5, 5. Artistic Way (Kassam) 9 M. Krishna 54.5, 6. Awesome Win (Faiyaz) 6 Ali Khan 54.5, 7. Ambiens (Srinagesh) 7 Qazafi 54, 8. Ekta Ekta Ekta (N. Rao) 4 Ganesh 53.5 and 9. Regal Image (Laxman S) 1 Chary 51.
SURYARATH: Shaping well in the trials. SANTANA ROW: Has come to hand after his last run. BULBASAUR: An easy winner over 1,200m; may defy the penalty. EKTA EKTA EKTA: An impressive winner over 1,200m; may repeat.
1. Suryarath, 2. Ekta Ekta Ekta,
3. Santana Row
7 GOLCONDA 1000 GUINEAS (Grade II) (1,600m) - 3-y-o fillies (Terms) - 4-15: 1. Al Zahara (F. Hassan) 8 D. Singh 57, 2. Allez Indi (Byramji) 3 Appu 57, 3. Dunfanaghy (Rafaat) 4 Chary 57, 4. Flaming Glory (Ganapathy) 7 I. Chisty 57, 5. Golden Castle (L. D'Silva) 6 B. V. Krishnan 57, 6. Mesmerising (Ganapathy) 10 B. Prakash 57, 7. Sarabande (Dhariwal) 1 Gallagher 57, 8. Shelly Green (L. D'Silva) 2 A. Imran Khan 57, 9. Somethingabouther (Shroff) 9 Ruzzan 57 and 10. Symbol Of Speed (Loknath) 5 Christopher 57.
FLAMING GLORY: A good outsider. MESMERISING: Well prepared at Bangalore. SARABANDE: A failed favourite in All Dancing's 1,200m at Mysore; may make amends. SYMBOL OF SPEED: Has run with better class horses; can tackle the present lot.
1. Symbol Of Speed,
2. Sarabande,
3. Mesmerising
8 CABARET PLATE (Div. II) (1,400m) - Cat-III, 4-y-o & over, rated upto 30 - 4-50: 1. Mutual Fund (Shamsuddin) 9 D. Singh 60, 2. First Warrior (Vatsalya) 2 Ruzzan 59, 3. Ocean City (Habibullah) 4 Sharookh 55, 4. Victory Moon (Kassam) 3 Christopher 54.5, 5. Cannon Lad (Raju) 7 Suresh 52.5, 6. Rubinella (Silvester) 5 R. B. Shinde 51.5, 7. Great Power (Srinivas) 1 Ramana 50.5, 8. All My Heart (Prasad) 8 N. Rawal 49.5 and 9. Pound For Pound (Faiyaz) 6 Abhinay 49.
MUTUAL FUND: Placed on the board in his last three starts; can make a race of it. FIRST WARRIOR: Has improved since his last run. OCEAN CITY: Ignore her previous runs; may upset. VICTORY MOON: Working well.
1. Mutual Fund, 2. First Warrior, 3. Victory Moon
Day's best: Symbol Of Speed
Double: Oxfordshire
- Sixth Element
Jackpot: 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8. Treble (i): 1, 2 & 3, (ii): 3, 4 & 5, (iii): 6, 7 & 8. Tanala: On races where there are five or more starters.

mumbai races selections

Haunting Memories in fine fettle

Mumbai: Mumbai: Trainer S. Ganapathy's ward Haunting Memories, who is in fine fettle, should not find it difficult to win the Maharaja Of Morvi Trophy, the main event of the opening day's races to be held here on Sunday (Nov. 19).
False Rails (width about 2 mts from 1,400m to the winning post) will be in position.
1 AUTUMN BLUE PLATE (Div. II) (1,400m) - Cl. IV, rated 20 to 50 - 1-30 p.m: 1. Glory (5) Harish 61.5, 2. Pine Crest (8) T. S. Jodha 60.5, 3. Cornelia Supra (6) Baandal 60, 4. Blazing Arrow (3) Shailesh 59, 5. Striking Out (2) Dasrath 58, 6. San Juan (1) Merchant 56, 7. Viceroy (11) Rupesh 55, 8. Cakravana (10) Shelar 54.5, 9. Regina (4) Zameer 53.5, 10. The Right Man (9) S. Bhadke 53.5, 11. Fire N Desire (12) Bernard 53 and 12. Artillery (7) Ranjane 50.5.
1. Glory,
2. Pine Crest,
3. Blazing Arrow
2 GATEWAY OF INDIA PLATE (1,000m) - Maiden, 2-y-o only - 2-00: 1. Alvida (7) Kamlesh 55, 2. Major Starr (6) S. Chinoy 55, 3. Northern Warrior (1) Zameer 55, 4. The Hurricane (2) C. Rajendra 55, 5. Clairet (4) McCullagh 53.5, 6. Spiritual Flame (3) Harish 53.5 and 7. Strokeofbrilliance (5) T. S. Jodha 53.5.
1. The Hurricane,
2. Alvida, 3. Clairet
3 AUTUMN BLUE PLATE (Div. I) (1,400m) - Cl. IV, rated 20 to 50 - 2-30: 1. Win For Me (11) Agarwal 62, 2. Innovator (1) C. Rajendra 61, 3. Horse Raddish (4) Merchant 60.5, 4. Mantovani (8) T. S. Jodha 60.5, 5. Bravissima (10) McCullagh 58.5, 6. Ishtar (3) Kharadi 57, 7. Thunderella (12) Belose 56, 8. Tearaway (6) Kotwal 55.5, 9. Jalapeno (5) C. Alford 53.5, 10. Return Of The King (7) Bhadke 53.5, 11. Mind The Gap (13) Pradeep 51.5, 12. Master Of The Game (9) Ranjane 51.5 and 13. Rare Look (2) V. Kadam 50.
1. Innovator,
2. Bravissima,
3. Jalapeno
4 SEASON'S BEST PLATE (1,200m) - Cl. V, rated 00 to 30 - 3-00: 1. Raiba (11) Bernard 61, 2. Empeachment (9) P. S. Chouhan 60.5, 3. Rainbow Shine (6) Rupesh 60.5, 4. Diplomatic Licence (15) Dashrath 60, 5. Naval Academy (1) Kharadi 60, 6. Peoria (14) T. S. Jodha 58, 7. Latest News (8) S. Chinoy 57.5, 8. Nucleus (7) V. Walkar 57, 9. Tribal Warrior (2) Shelar 56.5, 10. Thunder Zone (4) Harish 55, 11. Phi (12) Merchant 53, 12. Only For Don (5) Ranjane 52.5, 13. Warning (13) V. Jodha 49, 14. Arzano (3) Zameer 47.5 and 15. Reap The Bounty (10) S. K. Jadhav 47.
1. Naval Academy,
2. Empeachment,
3. Latest News
5 SIR CHARLES FORBES TROPHY (1,200m) - Cl. II, rated 60 to 90 - 3-30: 1. Mysterious Land (9) Harish 61, 2. Thundering Star (4) Agarwal 61, 3. Atmosphere (7) C. Rajendra 56.5, 4. Major Roberts (12) Shelar 55.5, 5. Hidden Dragon (8) Rupesh 54.5, 6. Marquisa (6) Aadesh 54.5, 7. Shockwave (3) Atul 53.5, 8. Tough Warrior (1) Kotwal 53.5, 9. Morpheus (2) Merchant 50.5, 10.
Persephone (5) T. S. Jodha 50, 11. Barbados Skies (10) D. K. Ashish 48.5, 12. Blazing Speed (11) V. Jodha 48.5 and 13. Hazelhead (-) (-) 47.
1. Atmosphere,
2. Persephone,
3. Major Roberts
6 MAHARAJA OF MORVI TROPHY (1,400m) - 3-y-o only (Terms) - 4-00: 1. Haunting Memories (1) C. Rajendra 57.5, 2. Nanjng (3) C. Alford 55.5, 3. Count Du Monet (4) McCullagh 54, 4. Patroclus (2) Kamlesh 54, 5. Airliner (8) P. S. Chouhan 52.5, 6. Culture Shock (7) Sameer 52.5, 7. Esprit De Liberte (6) Ranjane 52.5 and 8. Pampered Princess (5) Belose 52.5.
1. Haunting Memories,
2. Count Du Monet,
3. Patroclus
7 MATHRADAS GOCULDAS TROPHY (1,400m) - Cl. I, rated 80 and upward - 4-30: 1. Armament (2) C. Alford 62.5, 2. Sovereign Power (3) C. Rajendra 59.5, 3. Oriental Express (7) Aadesh 59, 4. Master Craft (1) P. S. Chouhan 58.5, 5. Silken Star (6) T. S. Jodha 57, 6. Noble Desire (9) Raju Singh 53.5, 7. Agha (4) Kharadi 52.5, 8. Premier Star (5) Harish 52.5 and 9. Arabian Lady (8) Riyaz Shaikh 48.5.
1. Sovereign Power,
2. Armament,
3. Noble Desire
8 SCORPIO PLATE (1,400m) - Cl. III, rated 40 to 70 - 5-00: 1. Bright Side (3) Harish 59, 2. Taanush (2) Kharadi 58.5, 3. Nectar Jewel (6) Shelar 58, 4. Born Destiny (10) Rupesh 57.5, 5. Lucky Honey (11) T. S. Jodha 57, 6. Wild Vegas (7) N. Alam 57, 7. Mister Fixit (1) Zameer 56.5, 8. Thief Of The Knight (12) Kotwal 56, 9. Game Of Power (9) V. Kadam 54.5, 10. Strawberry Fields (13) P. S. Chouhan 54, 11. Rococo (4) Kamlesh 53.5, 12. Secret Garden (5) McCullagh 53 and 13. Adrenaline Rush (8) Pradeep 51.5.
1. Secret Garden,
2. Bright Side, 3. Rococo
Day's best:
Sovereign Power
Double: Innovator
- Atmosphere
Jackpot: 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8.
Treble: (i) 3, 4 & 5. (ii) 6, 7 & 8.
Tanala: All races.
Super Jackpot: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

top ten horses to follow

1.southern empire
2.super speed
3.running bull
4.count the monnie
10.ruben star

Monday, November 13, 2006

bookmakers in bangalore

there are 16 book makers in first enclosure and all seems to be very established people
and in second enclosure there are 15 book makers but some of them look to very in experienced
here is the list
first enclosure
1.suren& company
2.kumar& company
3.keshwani & company
5.lal & company
6.shanti ent
7.rr assosiates
11.bk ent
12.kailash ent
13.amit ent
14.ks ganesh
15.shailender&com co
second enclosure
1.dwaraka ent
2.gnm ent
5.sagar ass
6.lucky sports
7.harish com
9.praveen com
11.kamadhenu star
13.bnk ent
from next time i will give feedback about how they give odds

betting on 2 and 3 year olds

Although horses will continue to develop and mature even past their fourth birthdays, two years-old is the youngest age a horse can actually race in india. In many ways, two-year-old (or juvenile) races can be both intriguing and frustrating in equal measure for punters.

Intriguing, because horses which are successful in the most prestigious races for two-year-olds often find themselves catapulted to the head of the betting market for the important Classic races run the following season.

One of the most common types of two-year-old race is the one where each runner is asked to carry the same racing weight (in a maiden race, for example, where none of the runners has won a race previously). When you wade through the results of all these types of level-weight juvenile races run in recent seasons, you actually discover that a whopping 44% were landed by the jolly.
There are other ways to get an edge when having a bet in two-year-old races too. One way to do this is to follow sires who have a good track record of producing precocious, talented two year-olds.

Another good tactic is to follow trainers with a good track record of producing a high percentage of juvenile winners. The same box, for example, provides a list of trainers who have all recorded an impressive strike rate when it comes to sending out juvenile winners in recent seasons.

The starting prices for horses from less famous yards will often be more generous than if they were to come from higher profile stables.

In fact, horses foaled in January are likely to win twice as many races as those born in June.

my experience with

i really liked the information available at this site specially data they are keeping in the site.specially trainers and jockey statistics are very helpful to race lovers.tipping is very poor in this site i dont know who is the handicapper.specially its helpful to me in opening odds and results.i met many punters thu this site thru their bulletins.when i checked their key word strengh in google its really amging to see (iam a search engine analyser past 5 years) and i have my search engine they keep visitor log in their site it will very helpful.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

best track workouts of horses and wins

the following horses have won and placed in the recent past(this analysis is based mostly on the hindu track work:
1.turbo babe 3/1
2.secret garden 4 to 1
3.soverign power 13/10
4.oyster gem 3 to one
5.eienstein 13to 1
6.onnu onnu onnu 25/100
7.appeasing 5 to one
8.running bull the comment in original vel was "will have a bold show"
9.afghan 2 to one
10.saphire strom 5 to one tough guy 2 to one
12.touch of glory
13.secret command 70/100
1 jersy pride second
2 yantai second
3.sloane square sec
3.the rising 2
4.alzahara 2
5.conde nast 2
6.real excellence
please leve a comment pls

false favrites in indian horse racing

Subject: False Favourites
The following Horses were made false favourites yesterday :

Vesuvio .. No performance worth mentioning earlier. Simply Glorious deserved to win with Gallagher up based on its earlier win carrying 60 kgs.

Secret Memory....No trackwork.......travelled all over India......whereas Running Bull came very close second to Southern Empire earlier in a mile Race and was blazing the track. With feather weight, RB winning the race was no surprise.

Sloan Square...Did not deserve to be odds on favourite......Lava had won previous outing beating Afghan with a handsome margin of 5 3/4 lengths.

As such leading tipsters, newspapers, books including are advised to go thru the records before predicting winners. This only leads punters without knowledge to lose money and lose faith in Racing !!!

horse and jockey


in horse racing horse and jockeys combination clicks always
1.elusive pimpernal aslam khader
2.adler shroff
3.indictment m nareedu
4.chaitanya chakram and l marshall
5.divine light v shinde
6.brave dancer robin corner
7.mystical b prakash
8.southern empire b prakash

Thursday, November 09, 2006

my recent selections

2.khaleels pride
3.shelly green perfection
5.onnu onnu onnu
6.evanston place
7.soverign power
8.r power place
10 spectacular queen
11.secret garden
12.the rising plsce
13.dynamical eat
14.oyster gem
15.turbo babe
18.hawai wunai
20.secret memory
21.super speed 8 to one
22.all dancing
23.jersy pride
25.coral gables
27.magic touch
28.guest connections
29.soverign power
30.cedros place
31.alvinia place
33.charlie brown
35.prakash 6 to one
36.strom again
37.prakash 1000
39.i khan
40.bold gestu praka
42.carbuna burana
46.allandra place
47.real excellence
48.all dancing
49.southern empire
50.secrect fury
51.strom regent
53.traditionalchic eat
failures and mistakes:

1.buddy brothers
3.dakota fanning
4.allandra place
5.aspinalis place
6.secret wish place
7.spctacular queen
8.allandra place
9.40 win at pune
10.netor of the season
12.not backing super speed
13.winner again place at pune concert first timer
15 missing glare at 4 to one
16.missing secret memory
18.commander moil kharadi at bangalore 1000
20 missing gallaghaer clss gallagher abraxas
22.dagerous liason

failed favrites list

1.real excellence
3.premier thrill
4.dakota fanning
10.spectacualr qween
15.appu netor

17.king fortune
19.key to relax

top connections trainers and jockey of horse racing in india

1.ganpathy b prakash
2.byramji shban babu 12 srinath 12 c alford 17 harish 36 r marshall 25 suraj
3.d byramji appu srinath manareedu r marshal suraj
4.padmanabhan srinath m nareedu appu suraj
5.eshwer srinath,appu,christopher,
6.ia sait cajendra
7.b chenoy kharadi
8.shroff ruzzan kamlesh
9.j s dhariwal gallagher
10.arti doctor harish
11.d.david s chisty
12.lagad sn chanvan j chinoy
13.vijay singh c alford
14.ld silva a imran khan
15.lakshman sin a imran christopher laxman
17.deshmuch d singh
18.shazad abbas chari
19.srinivas a .ramana
20,rafaat chary
21.vatsalya suraj
22.netto sequeria suraj
23,altaf hussain c rajendra n jodha
24.bharat singh c s jodha
25.karajewalla ashish
26.lalwani c s jodha
27.daji cs jodha jodha dasrath singh
29.s nareedu ar mani
30 satyanarayana k anil
31.mahmmod khan appu
32.inyathullah vivek
33.kommandur christopher
34.sharat kumar birame shah ts jodha
36.rd mellow ranjanee
37 puttana 181 (srinath 22, a.imran khan 25,,c krishnan 28,appu 18 nagesh 5,vivek 23
38,samar singh, 149, rajesh 24 jagdeesh rakesh 15
39,farad arshad 12
40,amit caddy 53
41.manohar 4
42,neil darashah 2
43,warren 7
44,skh khan
46 britto 52 wins
47 g sandhu 124
48,md a abbas 10
49,fa abbas 98
50 s a abbas 26,
51.j silvester g.sandeep
52.srinivas .b v krishnan

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

hyderabad jockeys trainers tally

1.a imran khan 4
2.d singh 3
3.r b shinde 2
4 suraj nareedu 2

1.ld silva 3
2.deshmukh 2
3.faisal hussain

hyderabad favrites won and lost

favrites won
1.shelly green
2.khaleels pride
3.royal glory
5.royal heaven

favrites lost
1.spruce springsten
3.buddy brothers
5.dear to my heart
6.priceless legacy
7.thundering gold empress
9.glaring godzilla

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

blazing track works of horses at bangalore

1.haunting memories
5.sapphire storm,
7,abide proven
8,perfect rhythm
9,slone square
11,running bull
12 allez indi
14,flaming glory,
15,hawain sunrise
20,running bull
23,generous lad,
27,southern empire
28,jersy pride
29,psychic strength
31,fairytale ending
32,fort knowx

my betting strategy for winter season

my race punting strategy tips goes like this:
1.back 2 and 3 olds good breeds with good connections and eat fillies when become favrite because fillies failing in my last 20 years experience.
2.back failed favrites.(to up date this list)
3.back winners again as favrites.(horse and jockey combinations)
4.back blazing tracked animals.(see list of winners of good work)
5.back my pics at good prices like 8 to 1 and more.(pls suggest some longer odds.)
6.i think when place is offered as evns i must back them. have long term plan.
8.make a big syndicate of 25 lakhs thru my friends etc and continue eating aswel if possible. have a uniform betting plan.from now 2 k or 1 k minimum. hunt big pools jp etc
11.back seasons best horses with confidence.(like southrn empire)
12.see grade 1 winners and back them against poor bunch
13.use syncronisation is it possible?
14.identify vulnarable false favrites and eat them with confidence

frinds pls post your views on this post

racing and ranting: Thank God

racing and ranting: Thank God

Sunday, November 05, 2006

indian hyderabad jockeys

k anil hyderabad jockey
g sandeep
n rawal
deep shankar
r umesh
r umesh
nitin singh
a. ramana
shaik sharook

bangalore horse racing selections races analysis day by day

bangalore second day post race analysis:

1.praksah started a fine winetr season with 3 wins M A M partnered with shapoor misty syndicate making 2 old imperial gate (a very shining at paddok looks).
2.padmanabhan had bhoni with predominant with gnaneshwar with 62 kgs gave another confirmation this horse will win again.
3.appu is very good jockey had 2 wins
i dont understand why punters were shouting at d byramji and c alford it was very ackward situation

i had 3 winners for the day rush was very poor:

my selections for 3 d day:11th november 2006 saturday:
i play races very sparingly will have very few selections in a day:

4 th race vesuvio track work is good
5 race secret memory
7 ghostof a chance
8.satin wood has good chance

delhi racing

it must improve as per indian standards thoygh state capital lacks in over all talent and administration...but book makers in delhi are really great AS per my rating

kolkata horse racing

lets see d khaitan and c alford how they do this year

mumbai races

very callsy races of india will soon become leading horse racing centre better than that of hongkong and singapore atleast

chennai racing

we have to see how it progreses
usually mam ramaswamy leads with his promint jockys lat time with b. prakash madea record in indian racing ...

bangalore racing

1 st meeting of bangalore races post poned causing upset to all who are interested
lets see what happens future

hyderabad horse racing analysis and incidents.

this page is edited

after 2 days tipster tally
1.the hindu: 6 wins out of 14
2.original vel: 7
i want to see which draw number is giving more winners??
draw numbers won no 4:4 wins
no 3:2 wins

hyd racaes analysis cash -hify (golden cash) debut winner...... bebut wins by sheh abbas- chari?
2.fore acst 5460/_ paayment... carried over?
3.sprucespringsten d singh-deshmuch ??????
4.shelly green pays rs 17 and wins
5.khaleels pride wins and pays 13/_
6.royal glory desh mukh d .sigh combination wins...

Saturday, November 04, 2006

horse racing glossary

15 Top Horse Racing Terms to Know
Every sport has its own jargon, and horse racing is no exception! Here are 15 top terms that every punter should know:

1. Bell: This signal can have different meanings in horse racing. Some ring a bell, when starter gates open, signaling the start of a race. Others use it to inform punters that odds betting is about to close. Make it a point to check on these conventions when you first visit a new race course!

2. Blanket finish: A race in which horses finish so close to each other that no clear winner is evident to the naked eye. Horse racing stewards may take a few minutes to confirm a winner and places in such an event.

3. Chart: Detailed anatomy of a race, charting the position of a horse relative to the field, at key points in a race, its age, background, trainer, rider, odds, and all other details which can have a possible bearing on future wagering.

4. Claiming: Withdrawing a horse from a race. This affects the chances of all other horses entered for an event.

5. Dam: The mother of a horse with a particular bloodline, which has been specially bred.

6. Declared: A U.S. specific term for claiming, as described above.

7. Distaff: A race for female horses. This may be for young fillies or for older mares.

8. Dogs: Physical barriers placed near the inner rail during a rainy spell, to prevent horses which are being trained or having work outs, from spoiling the coveted surface of an actual race.

9. Dwelt: A horse which is a poor starter, and shows hesitation in setting off at the start of a race.

10. Farrier: A blacksmith who makes iron shoes for the hooves of horses.

11. Granddam: Grand mother of a horse.

12. Horsing: A female horse in menstruation, at which time mating is most likely to result in conception.

13. Inquiry: A sign on the tote board which indicates that horse racing stewards suspect foul play, and wish to review a race.

14. Oaks: A race for 3 year old female horses or fillies.

15. Pari-mutuel: A transparent form of odds betting in which all the money bet is divided between winning punters, after deducting taxes for regulators, and a margin for organizers.

book makers

how adds are arrived is confusing at many times who decides as what the real power of odds and why ods drift can some one help in this matter comments are welcome pls post
in bangalore there are 17 and second elclosure there are 17 book makers and they accept beeting at half tax
there are plenty of chances to make money in place and many times book makers are very generous in place odds but always punter or bettor fails due to backing on win alone because win bet gives more odds if one has dicipline there lot money here.
what are night odds and what are morning ods and i have noted giving many times correct ods. i have also noted some tips sters tipping is very responsible for ods in ring
thx ramana

Thursday, November 02, 2006

other hprse trainers in india and averages

i fernandes 60 wins
2.jaiswal 53
3.janardhan 24
4.javed khan 104
5.karanjawala 49
6.kasbekar 16
7.loknath 130,
8.m b manglorkar 135
9.m k jadhav 96
10 m p jodha 225
11.m shah 94.
12.n raghu nath 38
13.nijamuddin 67 kassam 79
15.lakshman singh 57
16.habeebullah 85
17.sanjay kolse 57
18.komandur 45
19.hanut singh 57.
20.b k arshad 57
21.b.shiva 46.
22.bharat singh 166.
23.c a cuts 73 catrak 238
25.d david 391
26. f a abbas 98
27.g sandhu 124
28.h daji 118
29.rakesh 49
30.sharat lukar 39
31 shehzad abbas 26
32.m satyanarayana 7

leading indian sires ,mares

4.serious spendour
5,alnasr alawasheek
6,diffident forest
8.local talent
11.grey gaston
12.comon land
13.mighty sparrow

Famous Horse Races and Events

Famous Horse Races and Events
Belmont Stakes

Breeders Cup

Dubai World Cup

Hong Kong Cup

Triple Crown

Kentucky Derby

Preakness Stakes

Royal Ascot

Prix de L'Arc de Triomphe

Melbourne Cup

betting tactics

Here are some simple tactics which may be helpful to a new bettor:

1. Wager on the favorite
The favorite is the horse with the lowest odds or the one on which the most money has been wagered. Favorites win approximately one third of the time. This is not necessarily a sound wagering strategy as favorites can pay very little.

2. Purchase a tip sheet or handicapping aid
These are prepared by professional handicappers and may provide useful wagering selections. They are available for purchase from a couple of our past performance partners.

3. View the horses
Watch the broadcast signal while the horses are in the paddock and in the Post Parade.

Following are some handicapping factors that can be used to aid in placing a wager:

1. Class
Class is difficult to define, but it is unmistakable at the racetrack. Horses seem to sort themselves into competitive levels.

2. Pace
"Pace makes the race." This old racing expression points to another element to consider when placing your bets -- the pace of the race. A horse generally can't have it both ways. That is, he can't run extremely fast early and still have enough left in reserve to run fast late in the race. A fast pace generally means that the horses on the front will tire out and thus help the runners that are closing ground. If the past performances indicate that there are several speed horses in a race, it might be a good idea to consider a horse that likes to rally in the stretch. On the other hand, a slow pace will help the horses near the front because they should have something left for the end of the race. In studying the past performances, you might find only one legitimate speed horse in a particular race. If that horse gets loose on the front end and has the pace all to himself with no pressure being applied to him, he figures to have something left for the homestretch and should be hard to overtake.

3. Trainers and Jockeys
It's always wise to take into account the human factor. Some trainers do well with 2-year-olds while others are particularly adept with horses shipping in from long distances. Some jockeys seem to ride better on the front end, and others are better known for their come-from-behind style. A good idea is to check the standings, which show the leading trainers and jockeys at the meeting.

4. Changes in equipment
Blinkers are used on horses to limit their vision and to prevent them from swerving from objects or other horses. It's worth noting changes in blinkers - a horse wearing them for the first time (or for the first time in a number of starts) or racing without them for the first time. Mud calks are used for off tracks. Calks, pointed extensions or cleats on a horseshoe, are designed to prevent a horse from slipping. Certain other equipment worn by the horses is noted in the past performances.

5. Trip
It is important for a bettor to watch his horse during the running of the race and again on the replays after the race to observe what kind of trip he had. Was the horse squeezed back at the start, or carried wide on the turn, or blocked at the quarter pole? A horse who loses a race because of a troubled trip might be a good bet in his next start. Usually trouble encountered by a horse in a race is shown in the past performance lines.

6. Weight
Weight, the old saying goes, will stop a freight train, so it's especially important to notice when horses are carrying considerably more weight than they did in their last start. Conversely, it's just as significant to watch for horses that are carrying much less weight than they did in their last outing. One theory is that weight plays a bigger role in long races, but another line of reason is that weight is every bit as important in sprints.

7. Breeding
Breeding is an inexact science, but a careful study of pedigrees can enhance a bettor's chances at the races. Some horses are bred for speed, others have inherited stamina from their sires and dams and are able to run long distances and certain horses are bred for grass racing.

8. Condition
Condition may be the most difficult handicapping factor to master. It is defined as the fitness of a thoroughbred - how prepared he is to run a particular race. The dates of the horse's most recent workouts and races and the probable effects of this activity on his current condition are highly important. If a horse is racing for the first time in a month or so, a steady pattern of workouts is a good indication of fitness. A good time for a workout generally is when a horse covers the distance in 12 seconds or less for each furlong - 36 seconds or less for three furlongs, 48 seconds or less for four furlongs, etc. A "short" horse is one not trained up to the last ounce of his energy and thus not fit enough for the race he's running in. He'll tire, and his stride will shorten before the end of the race.

9. Medication
Lasix and Butazolidin are medications administered to racehorses. Lasix, a diuretic, is used to control bleeding (certain horses bleed from a ruptured vein - or veins - in the nostrils, the pharynx or the lungs), and Bute is an anti-inflammatory medication. Some handicappers pay close attention to a horse racing on Lasix or Bute for the first time, believing that these medications might enhance that runner's performance.

betting tips strategies punting tips in horse racing

Betting tips:
Before a horse can be considered, it should be determined that he's physically fit enough to be at or near his best. Athletes become fit via two avenues, competition and training. Examine the dates of prior last races, found at the far left of the past performance line. The more recent races he has, the more certain of his fitness.

If he's been away from the races for two months or more, examine morning training workouts shown underneath the last past performance line. It is generally understood that fitness is best derived by a combination of competition and training. The longer the layoff, the more difficult the comeback. Make a final determination and if deemed fit, go to the next variable. If not, eliminate.

Class in Thoroughbred racing can be defined by saying that class is the quality of competition a horse can compete favorably against. Look at the prior conditions under which the horse has raced. Regardless of any other variable, a horse cannot be expected to win without having shown a past ability to do so against similar competition. If he has not shown the past ability, he can be considered a throw-out, unless he's rapidly improving and won his last race with enough authority to move up in class against tougher competition. If he's fit and can compete against the competition, move to the next variable.

Through either breeding, conformation, running style, or training techniques, horses generally do better at certain distances. Few are versatile enough to handle short and long races effectively. Examine all races listed to determine if he's done well at the designated distance. If he's a proven competitor at today's distance, continue to consider him, and eliminate him if he's had numerous opportunities without success. He may show a potential to handle the distance, but can't be overly well regarded without proof. Remember, never expect a horse to do something he's never done before.

Post Position
The Post Position Draw, a random drawing done after entries for a race are taken, can often turn a potential winner into a dead loser, and vice-versa! Track biases exist at many tracks, favoring inside or outside post positions. Check post position statistics listed in programs or Lone Star Today to see if certain posts appear better than others. As a general rule, far outside posts in bulky fields in sprints (10 or more) can prove more challenging. The two inside posts in big fields can also be detrimental. Early speed is preferable for both inside and outside posts because without it, outside horses lose ground and inside ones get trapped. A horse's running style and the post position are directly correlated. In longer, two-turn-races, inside posts are almost always preferred. The shorter the two-turn race, the more it favors inside. If it can be determined that the post will not be a detriment, move on. But a horse can be thrown out if it is determined his chances will be badly compromised by post position.

Running Style
Horses generally settle into a certain style of running, broken down into three categories: pace-setter or front runner, horses who run in the lead or who are never further back than two lengths; stalker, horses who are never further back from the lead than 4 lengths; and closer or rally types, horses who are never closer than five lengths from the pace. Horses have been known to change styles, but the vast majority have consistent styles. True front runners always try for the lead when possible. Front runners are most effective when unchallenged early. The easier they are able to get a clear lead, the better the chances. Prefer front runners when there are few, if any, potential challengers or if a pronounced track bias favoring early speed exists. Otherwise, look more favorably upon those that can stalk or rally.

A stalker rarely makes the lead, and seldom possesses a big late kick. They have the speed to stay close and pass tiring front runners, and can hold off the big closers that lag well behind. Stalkers can make the lead if no front runners are in the race. Prefer stalkers when numerous front runners are present, and without the presence of a strong and fit rally or closer horse.

Rally or closers are best when an abundance of early speed exists and are often victimized when a front runner is loose on the lead. Playing rally or closers is more precarious than horses with speed as they can run into traffic problems. And, statistics show that horses closer to the lead win the majority of races. However, under certain circumstances, closers are a very positive choice.

Give careful consideration to the trainer, who is like the coach. Everyone knows that some coaches are superior to others and there can be a large discrepancy be-tween the best and the worst. Trainers have a big job and must have a wealth of knowledge about a large number of facets of training a horse to race. They must not only be good horsemen, they must have excellent organizational skills in order to coordinate the efforts of an entire stable. Statistics point out the top trainers at the track and a handicapper that pays attention to the trainers of every horse in every race will soon have a good working knowledge of which ones are acceptable when making a final decision. If the trainer meets the handicapper's standards, he can move on to the next variable. But an elimination can be made if you feel the competence of the conditioner is in question.

The role of the jockey is often understated. Checking out statistics at most tracks, a small percentage of riders win the great majority of the races. It takes a great deal of skill to ride a horse in a race. To suggest that all riders are equally proficient is ludicrous. Jockeys must possess good riding techniques, have strength, intelligence, good judgment and timing and have an ability to communicate with the horse. Some jockeys are far more proficient than others, and by perusing the statistics or by simply watching them day in and day out, one can learn which are the most reliable. When making a final decision, be sure the horse you select has an acceptable rider. When eliminating horses in fields with numerous contenders, you may be able to eliminate a horse because of the rider alone.

Present Form
When making a final selection it's important to determine that the horse is in good present form. Examining the finishes of his most recent races tells you if he's racing well and competitively. Statistics prove that horses that have recently won or have been reasonably close, win the majority of races. Most horses have form cycles in that they run well for a period of time, then tail off. Initially select horses that appear to be in form or rounding to form, and be wary of ones that have raced well, but show signs of tailing off. Sometimes horses that have not been close to winning of late are dropped in class and can still be considered viable choices, but the handicapper should expect that the horse in question at least showed some interest against better competition. Be careful not to give too much consideration to horses that are dropping down after showing no life at all as they may have lost their will to compete. After all, any horse can be last in a race. When making a final decision, it's a wise practice to play horses with good present form and eliminate those that are obviously off form.

Before considering a horse a top contender, examine his record for the year and his lifetime record. A handicapper should look for horses that are more likely to run well than not. If they have finished in the money 50% of the time, they can be deemed consistent. Many horses with poor consistency records cannot be heavily relied upon to run well after a good effort the time before. So, despite a good recent race, they have shown a past tendency not to repeat strong performances. A horse coming off a good race returning in a similar situation is hard to disregard. But if he's shown a lack of past consistency, his lack of reliability would make it difficult to make a serious wager on him. A handicapper should demand consistency before making a horse a serious contender.

Some handicappers use the weight carried by a horse as a critical factor. This is a controversial variable among astute handicappers. A truism is that weight will stop a freight train. However, determining how a few pounds, more or less, will affect a horse's performance isn't easy to assess. Race horses can weigh well over 1,000 pounds. So humans, who generally weigh about 80% less, would find it hard to understand how 10 pounds affects a horse in comparison to a much less sturdy and strong human. Proportionately speaking, one could assume that ten pounds to a human, which is significant, may feel like only two pounds to a horse. Obviously, two pounds is hardly enough to slow him down much.

If you decide to use weight as a handicapping variable, it would seem wise to consider it more important as the length of the race increases. It may also be prudent not to consider weight a factor unless it involves at least a difference of five pounds or more. You may also want to use weight if comparing horses in the same race if there is a significant switch in weights, like one horse taking off five pounds coming out of a race against a rival who may be adding five pounds. Generally, weight may play a lesser role than many have believed and without knowing each horse's capacity to carry weight, it may be impossible to use effectively. Nonetheless, for those who have found success using this variable, it may have a place in making a final decision.

Speed Figures
Various speed figures (Beyers, etc.) have been compiled in recent years. These figures basically assign a number to each race run by a horse. Beyer numbers, for instance, are based almost exclusively by running times in conjunction with track conditions. Speed sheets, put out by Ragozin and others, also use difficulty of trip to determine the figure. Some arbitrary judgment made by the representative for each track also figures into the final number.

The number certainly reduces a horse's past performance to just digits and can be used to quickly identify the contenders. However, as speed figure producers suggest, the handicapper is implored to use other handicapping techniques to be used in conjunction with the number.

The numbers, if used, should be used more as a guide. Although at times, a horse with an apparently large advantage may be a play on the number alone. But, obviously no guarantee exists. Generally speaking, use speed figures as one of the many available handicapping tools.

Strategy starts well before an event starts in horse racing. Owners, advised by trainers, have to choose events in which they would like to invest. It is not easy for people to be objective in this respect, and it is not uncommon to make horses race against superior competition. Punters also tend to overlook this aspect, when a form sheet shows a past winner from lesser event in optimistic light, even when it is up against a higher class of horse racing.

The type of race track is a key determinant of horse racing strategy. There are racecourses which are built for stamina. Events are normally run over a length of about a mile and a half. The bends can be grueling, and some stretches may be distinctly inclined to test staying power and raw strength. The exact moment at which a jockey decides to make a break for the final straight can make all the difference between a win, a place, and failure. Other tracks are simply built for speed, with long straights, distances just around a mile, and gentle turns. The kind of training a thoroughbred needs to make a good showing at such a track is obviously different from that required for a long and difficult course.

The type of surface and weather conditions can affect or help the best thoroughbreds: some champions are affected by strong head winds, especially if they do not get a rail position early on. Others are less affected by soggy conditions underfoot. Inclement weather, or sudden outbursts, can upset the best laid strategies in horse racing, unless a jockey is able to adapt quickly to changing conditions of competition. Therefore, many believe that interaction between horse and rider matters more than any other factor in horse racing.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

tipsters tally for indian winter racing

here i will analyse who is giving more winners in the coming season

participants will be
the hindu
original wel
betting ring

leading race horse owners in india

Dr. Vijay Mallya is and has been one of the most successful owners in Indian racing, having won over 1500 races including 147 Classic Races. Passionate about his horses and racing, Dr. Mallya, Chairman of the UB Group was responsible for a revival in the fortunes of Indian racing that had lost a lot of its glamour and sheen and returning it to its glory days with his generous sponsorships.

Dr MAM ramaswamy is easily the worlds biggest horse owner. He has nearly 700 horses in training. He also owns a Stud Farm. Thus his commitment to the sport is truly phenomenal. There is hardly any horse owner in the country who plans out as meticulously the racing program of all their wards as he does. It is no mean task for he also has a business empire to take care of. The professionals who have been patronized by him have all reaped a rich harvest for he is a generous patron. His trainers have benefited immensely by his ability to target the horses for specific races, with outstanding success. His keen eye for spotting champions has been the envy of all.

Capt Jamshed Appoo
Vasant kumar reddy
g.prabhakar reddy
i will up date this page soon

Owning A Racehorse

Owning A Racehorse
The breeding industry is faced with one serious problem--there are not enough buyers for the total number of horses produced. If you want to own a racehorse you have to be registered and accepted as an owner by any of the five turf authorities. The first step is to decide on your budget. Horses are available for anything between Rs 25,000 and 25 lakh, quite like paintings. The only difference is that while paintings are a somewhat sound investment, there is no guarantee whatsoever that the thoroughbred for which you have coughed up a million will turn out to be a champion. Few horses ever recover their cost price and, remember, there is a monthly expense of at least Rs 7,000 by way of a basic training fee which keeps adding up on your meter once the horse has been purchased.
So, if it's not a viable proposition, why do people own horses? Well, that's a difficult one to answer, but let us face it, you can't own a racehorse unless you have the bucks. At least you can't own one yourself. What you can do is form a partnership, or a syndicate, or a private limited company or a racing club which are all recognised forms of ownership worldwide. Thus, instead of being an individual owner you can be part of any of the above and that would not only cut down on your investment and your expenses but it could also allow you to own more than just a few reasonably priced horses with whom you have some chance of making a go of it (see box). Remember, depending on how you handle them, a racehorse can race from the age of two years until the age of seven or eight. This is on an average. There have been quite a few who have continued to race at the highest level until well past the age of eight but they are at their prime between the time they are four and six.

stallions in india

2.diffident smith
7.strom trooper
8.royal kingdom.
10.china visit.
12.burden of proof
13.brave act.

leading stud farms in india

1.poonawala farms

great indian race horses

1.elusive pimpernal
3.divine light.
4.sir bruce
5.brave dancer
6.king of the hills.
7.time and place
10.track lightining
11.mystic memory
12.bugs bunny
13.premium spirit.
15.chaitanya chakram
16.classic story
18.wandering star
19.flirting vision.
20.northern star
21.amorous knight.
22.fantabulous king.
23.southern empire.
27.corden blew
33.running flame
34.exclusive virtue
35.onnu onnu onnu
44.chaitanya chakram.
45.superbrave chiftan
47.amaging bay.

top indian horse racing trainers and jockeys


retired jockeys
1.p shankar above 1500
2.jagdish 1960
3.robin corner above 1000
4.pesi shroff 1475
5.a khader 1450
current jockeys data from 2000

1.b.prakash 1017 wins
2.appu 793
3.c.rajendra 558
4.m.nareedu 497
5.c.alford 490
6.suraj nareedu 418
7.srinath 344
8.gallagher 327
9.imaran khan hyd 253
10.kamlesh 246
11.b.shinde hyd 245
12.harish 214.
13.p s chouhan 196.
14.merchant 175.
16.rajesh 156.
17.r.marshal 153.
18.kharadi 134.
19.b.v.krishnan 146.
20.b.shoban babu 109.
ravinder singh.80
1.S.Ganapati 553.
2.ldsilva 399
3.ia sait.390
4.R.byramji 353.
5.eshwer 269
7.n lagad.246.
8.jodha 225
9.b chenoy 187
10.J s dhariwal 237
11.s nareedu 154
12.ponnappa 156 160.
14.vijay singh 331
15.rafaat 165
16.puttanna 181.
17.samar singh 149
18.manglorkar 135.
19.shroff 80
21.ghatala 131
22.javed khan 104.
23.loknath 130 jadhav 96.
25.m shah 94.
26.mohan valavi 78
27.nina lalvani.60.
28.pradeep annaih 53.
29.kv srinivas 142.
30.krk raju 203
31.shamshuddin 128
33.zadmal 53.
34.altaf hussain 159
35.toddywala 324
36.antia 208.

lets see who will out whom in the coming season

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