Thursday, August 23, 2007

recent good,and bad things of me in life

1.hyderabad yellowpages 65 new pages added with new adsense code.
2.bangalore visit mehta 2 orders plus orders
3.small ananda nilayam r& d at chennai and bang acrylic etc code work at nelloretimes,new layout for all blogs, layouts statcounters kept...
6.1000 times rx confidence..thry many need csh..syn nd etc..yes.
7.tirupati local edition 4 years at nlr office
8.what a banker needs known by icici singpore bnker and others

9.75 dollars thru adesnce got and given to bro
10.masthan reddy idea..
11.z ryot lawyer..subscriptions..
12.paul assurance..noted
13.mims directory..and others
14.vetuku news paper postal consession order got.. at nlr burden no more
16.eenadu fresh data at nellore
17.vpp to mumbai small sucseful
18.chennai survey with jaybal
19.adsence stats for aug promising
20.tirupati visit
21.5000 page marker reached
22.blogger layout is best....
23.unjal seva effect
24.prasad bookmaker at banglore contd..
25.not to lose anyone..satyam..
26.bangalore toast master address got
27.babu rao 99acres and other sites
28.satya naukri
29.bhakthi news papers and mags,
books circulation data
30.raju builder address and gajalaxmi car adress
31.gandhi and murali for rx syndication assurances
32.kiran visiting cards kishore involment
33.added google code further and click thru improved noted
34.color led ananda nilayams,jewels piece on hand
35.talambralu ad effect noted rates gone down further
37.bottu paste contd
38.can book ads thru phones
38.paid ramana 3k, and adsence check 8k to akka
40.adsence 3 years compleated

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