Tuesday, October 31, 2006

online horse race betting

hi folks,
this season i want to bet online but i dont know how to bet can someone help me in this???
can someone predict which jockey is going to be champion in bangalore this season wether srinath or prakash?? last year it was srinath

Racecourses in India:

Racecourses in India: India has eight major racecourses, the biggest being in Mumbai and the second biggest in Bangalore. The other centers are Pune, Hyderabad, Mysore, Kolkata and Chennai. Betting on horses is legal. Moreover, it is possible to bet at most racecourses, where racing is not in progress, on horses running at other centers, using the facility of off-course betting.

What India Lacks: What India lacks are professional tipsters, as most race-goers rely more on their own analyses of past race-form of horses in contention that day. This is an area that legitimate business professionals from the Far East, the US and the UK could look at and set up websites with their recommendations for that day?s races, for a set fee. This fee could be per diem, per month or per season.
Racing Websites in India: The prominent racing websites in India are www.indiarace.com, rwitc.com, There is a need for some betting concern like Ladbrokes and William Green in the UK to set up accessible websites for races.

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