Saturday, April 19, 2008

mumbai 20 th april selections

my yesterday was successful with 2 to one shot APOLLOTINA which won by distance wasnt tht enough for the day??
anyway today there are 5 odds on favrites in a card of 7 races some where bookamkers must make a cinch eating favrites and we must find that intelligently.

my selections for the day.

1. i dont like to back favrite earl of warwick as this horse has no real merit to be favrite hence its nice eat for the day to me.

2.pebble beach

3.very competitive race leave it.

4.Speedy Tyumen should hack the field by start to finish. my days best bet.

5.Synergetic and rajendra again a start to finish.

6.unless some accident takes place Spiritual has a distance away chance in this race but book makers will drift the odds in this race only to be burn their hands.

7.steadily prepared Rose boul will be a debutant winner here.

ok good luck


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