Saturday, April 05, 2008

mumbai 37 day 6 th april 2008 selections

hello friends!

i had 2 wins for saturday thats ok for me.

i back horses very selectively and iam still improving my selections with each race that should be order with all of us? none can prdict winner at each race.

ok anyway.... lets go down to business.. lol!

i have 4 bets today lets see how many of them will bring back money for us.

2 race.4 horses have live chance here better leave this race.

3 race.1.Davinci has big heart (her dam au panache was a stout stayer) and mallesh nareedu is good at top weight star cruders backers will once again crush as this horse is never-a -worth- a- bet friends this my personal openion.

4.Perpeuity (the only 4 old against older horses in this set) lot was expected about this horse when it won on debut at bangalore. later there were poor runs but it looks like it has improved at mumbai races to day has nice chance at this weight. must bring back that costly failre of bangalore. i will back it anyway as it must bring back my money of bangalore.

5.3.the hurricane it won like real hurricane in pune. at level weight 54 kg mallesh must go falt out. if mallesh is alert at race then race will be as good as over in the bend. horse self has done best at 1400 distance so far weight plus age advantage in this season it had nice rest too all others are tried and worn out horses.

6.8.aptiana neeraj is doing really good for kaitans and he won on many debautants at kolkata he has nice chance on this well bread filly. the horses with a for kahaitan have won many bebue races.

Well friends... mallesh must bring back that yesterdays failures with a nice double with davinci, the hurricane and d kahiantan looks to be going for a rare double at mumbai to day with perpetuity and aptiana these are my predictions for the day.

thank you
and good luck


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