Monday, November 19, 2007

about tigers introduction to yahoo groups

hi friends!this is ramana....this is my first participation in this group...
About me....i have long been thinking to write a mailer to this here it is i have been a regular reader of postings here in this group....yes but i had no interaction so far!
Hi to tell u the fact abt me is..for sometime till now i have been analysing and watching "horse races" in india and abroad(perhaps 50,000 races till now)and i also read many books about "Handicapping" and Horse Racing by many writers see my blog at
ok anyway...
some thing about tipsters and bloggers now....
In my view... about tipsters about their selections etc, best blogger and best reviewer,tipster is tiger at now .... his earliar blog at
i hope most of us know about him.
>>>>just see his tip yesterday..
>>>>one of his pointer about about alvarita has saved me for the yesterday mumbai races.....
>>>>>. pls see his tip.....>>>>(for mumbai races yesterday)Race 6: Cant see 5. ALVARITA losing in this set.Tips: 5. ALVARITA Upset SHYBOY...
>>>>>in my openion about him...... he bothers much about handicapping in each and every race.. what i feel is he must forget weight for a classic participated horse.. and a horse which had already had classic touch.. will have slight edge... thats my true openion..about his blog..
please prove me wrong if only u can
thank you and love
and also if possible let's welcome him with big appalouse to our group..b'cause iam sending this mail to him as an invitation..

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