Friday, January 09, 2009

bangalore saturday 10 jan 09 post


i had 3 wins yesterday!

i have a small double for the day that is
first race: aboline and 9th race raiders sun .



Thursday, January 08, 2009

fridays bangalore selections

hi friends
how was your going at bangalore? after a while iam rejoining you!

my selections for the day!

the day looks to be mixed day with upsets mostly ruling.
1.race better to avoid this race.
2.latvia is a good stayer and has bright chance to win and shapoor mistry people look to be going for double today.
3.avoid favrite "Cayanne" here looks weak in this set not worth at this odds.
4.3 and 5 have equal chances here.
5.some upset here again race looks to be a certain for bookies to eat 1,2 favrites.
6.SCRAMJET s race.
7.GLORIOUS PRINCESS the only favrite for the day can win.

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