Monday, December 24, 2007

mumbai 11 day selections

Dear friends

my selections for mumbai today

1.5.sudden impact must feature in one two there here.

2.8 ganador tamer rajendra

4.1 rising worrior is my choice and today i have spotted altaf hussains double with schnel in the next race.

5.11.schnel the way it won last time like a true champion and it has same form as evideant by latest track moments i cant see this horse losing this weak set and this is my days best bet.

6.i like 1 handsome returns and 4 Aritocratical fillies i dont prefer in this set.

7.1 sangomato day i have spotted p shroff( tamer 7.1.rajendra sangoma) and altaf hussain doubles rising worrior schnel

good luck


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