Tuesday, April 29, 2008

hi friends

hi friends!

what are doing ...now lol,

now that theres no racing till bangalore season starts its boring time for me, what about you guys.. from now tiger (golimaster)says he wont write his blog thats another set- back to racing blog readers. some of his tips vere really good some time he use to tip a flukes. it takes some time to fill that gap by some one else we have to see.

i have not come across any nice tipster who can give a winner at longer odds and pointers about favrite failing yet, lets see some new guys can flash on to the sean for next bangalore season.

in bangalore summer as per my past experience gives lot of favrites to the punters.

ok good luck guys interact with your experiences in racing
good luck


Saturday, April 26, 2008

mumbai 27 april selections

have u noted i had 3 winners yesterday?
today card seems to be even more tough for me to pic a winner...however let me try my best.

2 race solskjaer
3 race covenant is very speedy horse distance suits him better.
4 race procyon won very easily last time must reapeat with same jockey.
5.race romantic impact
6 race dancing dynamite

ok good luck

Friday, April 25, 2008

mumbai selections

hi friends

yet another tough card for us.

1 race every horse has a chance here the one who can catch winner gets minimum 5 to one odds.

2.aglomas has bright chance here.


4.premier perception

5.bad race

6.ekhabinkya and antonios may fight out.

thats all for u for the day!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

mumbai 20 th april selections

my yesterday was successful with 2 to one shot APOLLOTINA which won by distance wasnt tht enough for the day??
anyway today there are 5 odds on favrites in a card of 7 races some where bookamkers must make a cinch eating favrites and we must find that intelligently.

my selections for the day.

1. i dont like to back favrite earl of warwick as this horse has no real merit to be favrite hence its nice eat for the day to me.

2.pebble beach

3.very competitive race leave it.

4.Speedy Tyumen should hack the field by start to finish. my days best bet.

5.Synergetic and rajendra again a start to finish.

6.unless some accident takes place Spiritual has a distance away chance in this race but book makers will drift the odds in this race only to be burn their hands.

7.steadily prepared Rose boul will be a debutant winner here.

ok good luck


Friday, April 18, 2008

mumbai 19 th april selections

hi friends
my days double
COTSWOLD ARMS c rajendras double
good luck

Saturday, April 12, 2008

mumbai 39 13 th april selections


tough card framed again for punters to pick winners is very difficult today.

iam ready for another risky day with the follwing picks for the day.

3.race queens court

4 race amberogio

5 race blade runner

6.cairndhu my days best

7.race is between successor-kiara

thats it good luck


Friday, April 11, 2008

mumbai 38 day race selections


i have 2 pics today .

2 race 5 fired up

5 race 1 procyon

ok good luck

Thursday, April 10, 2008

kolkata last day selections


neeraj rawal one win at 3 and half was the best which saved me yesterday.

iam aiming for a small double of neeraj today with 1 race Askarel 6 race Elusive fortune for the day.

thank you

good luck

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

kolkata penultimate day selections


Today at kolkata neeraj rawal is going to make history with many wins this is my feeler.

i will bet all his mounts today.

thats it for the day.

thank you

Sunday, April 06, 2008

poor performance

well that was poor performance of my tips for the first time

yet it happens with even biggest tipsters including original vel and the hindu

ok anyway

Saturday, April 05, 2008

mumbai 37 day 6 th april 2008 selections

hello friends!

i had 2 wins for saturday thats ok for me.

i back horses very selectively and iam still improving my selections with each race that should be order with all of us? none can prdict winner at each race.

ok anyway.... lets go down to business.. lol!

i have 4 bets today lets see how many of them will bring back money for us.

2 race.4 horses have live chance here better leave this race.

3 race.1.Davinci has big heart (her dam au panache was a stout stayer) and mallesh nareedu is good at top weight star cruders backers will once again crush as this horse is never-a -worth- a- bet friends this my personal openion.

4.Perpeuity (the only 4 old against older horses in this set) lot was expected about this horse when it won on debut at bangalore. later there were poor runs but it looks like it has improved at mumbai races to day has nice chance at this weight. must bring back that costly failre of bangalore. i will back it anyway as it must bring back my money of bangalore.

5.3.the hurricane it won like real hurricane in pune. at level weight 54 kg mallesh must go falt out. if mallesh is alert at race then race will be as good as over in the bend. horse self has done best at 1400 distance so far weight plus age advantage in this season it had nice rest too all others are tried and worn out horses.

6.8.aptiana neeraj is doing really good for kaitans and he won on many debautants at kolkata he has nice chance on this well bread filly. the horses with a for kahaitan have won many bebue races.

Well friends... mallesh must bring back that yesterdays failures with a nice double with davinci, the hurricane and d kahiantan looks to be going for a rare double at mumbai to day with perpetuity and aptiana these are my predictions for the day.

thank you
and good luck


Friday, April 04, 2008

mumbai 36 day saturday selections

hi friends!
good morning
small card framed for mumbai today.
i feel mallesh nareedu's double looks bright today with raquel,caravadoshi.

my other chance bets include
1 race secret pilgrim,4 race mystereious heights,5 race apreciate.

good luck


Thursday, April 03, 2008

kolkata posts

hi friends!

yesterday i had double with neeraj rawal as said to day too i will go with neeraj double lets see what happens.

good luck to u too.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

kolkata races selections

hi friends
at kolkata its very upsetting centre even odds on favrites wont run as per form even after this if u want to gamble better do it on neeraj rawal mounts.

ok good luck


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