Friday, February 15, 2008

bangalore 22 nd day 16 feb winter race selections

hi friends good morning!
thanks a lot to those who keenly watch my blog!
how was your yeaterday?
myne was good.
can we be little more interactive friends???? lets share our experiences can we give a try i will try to be more expressive about my experienses at betting ring from now onwards... ok??
todays card:yet another day uncertain horses are racing today i would suggest all friends to go very slow keep your betting bank for more comepetitive races.
todays tip: better concentrate on 3 old races only

1.EQUIDAE fargeat has been doing well for ruia connections and padmanabhan prepares well the youngsters.
2.clearcut bad race i will atleast keep away.
5.ALCMENE this vanquisher of mark of gibraltar should be backed till beaten i cant understand the odds on him very lucrative isnt it?? 18/10 as per
6.CARLITO c d hayes has been giving lot of good money nowadays. if possible i will eat archipenko as d byramji is having very bad time.
7.who ever wins good here but i will eat imperial view.
8.bad race

days best :ALCMENE
good luck

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