Thursday, October 30, 2008

where to concentrate on next season


i have some ideas for next season sure they will be of some help to u to make money, first is to concentrate on top jockes and their connections. like b prakash for mam c alford and khitans and for mallyas m nareedu.
for many years i have seen nice breeds win on debut runs. most consistant ones are when a horse runs and places when it becomes favtire it mostly wins. also concentrate on inform debutants.
following jockeys have taken many races in last winter season.
1.suraj nareedu 67 wins.
2.neeraj rawal 45 wins.
3.appu 39 wins.
4.c alford 38.
5.c rajendra 36 wins.
6.b prakash.27 .
7.srinath 22 wins.
8.grant 28 wins.
10.m nareedu.14.
more ideas with next post stay tuned.


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