Monday, February 25, 2008

mumbai 27 day feb 26 race selections


next post will be for invitation till then please visit vilekhari


how was your day at hyderabad? any feedback?

ok here are my selections!


2.bad race

3.very surprising Bee quick has given 11 treack works with s fargeat is it over work or right one? if its not a over work then it must win by more than 5 lenghts but in the same fashion blazing track was given with phatak philip and it was not on the borad will that repeat here or will it reverse it anyway iam very cautious and want to stay awayhere.

4.i like 2 cavaradosi- m nareedu.

5.Engle heart

6.Star o war

7.Stellar affair days best bet.

ok good luck

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