Friday, November 30, 2007

bangalore 6 day selections

hi friends!my selections for the day
i feel that 3 professionals can have double for the day!

1.Byramji double 2.3. Alcmne win 8.3.kemrock win with colgan
2.Mallys double 3. 6 asiaticus,5. 6 stafire c d hayes
3. Dhariwal double 5 3.alandra 6.3.Hesperus
1. hard cash win awesome fighter place
2.3. Alcmne win
4.3 Hold that tiger
5.3.Alandra 6 Stafire
6. Hesperus
7.briansta win
8.3.kemrock win
good luck

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

mumbai selections 29/nov/2007

Hi friends!

Sucess in life is depends on how carefully we plan and execute that
plan so lets plan well we have many more days to come for mumbai season.
days race card seems to be very competitive and not good for punters.

i have small double for the day!

Race no 3 : 1 Misschevious Trot win and place
Race no 4: 4.Holiday date Win and place
from now i will not give any review i will only post my selections

Good luck

Sunday, November 25, 2007

selections for hyderabad horse races date 26 november

hi friends
my treble for Hyderabad
1 race: 3 RAJ VEER
2 race: 2 EASY FLASH (d singh double)
good day

Saturday, November 24, 2007

mumbai horse selections for 24/11/2007

Dear Frinds!
I would like to tell one suggestion:as per my own experience in Horse race betting poor preparation and poor conviction and confusion about Selections makes any Horse race a loser so avoid mistakes Bet or Eat with confidence and win money.

Exciting card ahead today we can make money . WITH MANY merited HORSES PARTICIPATING. Yet another day for Punters and bad day for Bookmakers;ooops.... i am aiming for 8 wins today!
Hi guys... please go far place bet also when my tip is at more than 3 to onelets see what happens in the end.

Tday i feel Trainer Vinayak Dhunbhoy coneections will have double with PHOENIX RISING, Mantalvo and M A M team will have 4 winsMountain Bear:SECRET MEMORY:BOURBON KING : Southern EmpireFor number lovers i feel no 1 and 3 seems to be Ruling numbers:
My selections for the day!

RACE 1:PHOENIX RISING must give back money to the connections.
RACE 2:Mountain Bear :As i have been wrting in my review when classic placed horse is at handicap race a cake walk for it so my vote goes for Mountain Bear.
RACE 3:1.SECRET MEMORY a champion miler in the country SHOULD WIN THIS RACE FROM start to finish fight is for second place all will fight for place only
RACE 4: 6. Mantalvo is my choiceBLUE VISION IS the big jocker of the day for the bookmakers to eat
RACE 5: 1 Beyonce is seen working well if money is poured it will win with mallesh nareedu start to finish
RACE 6: Star Conquerer, Haunting memories: tip for jackpot lovers pls take care of this 10 star Conqi feel this is the trickiest race of the day my choice goes for an upset Star Conquerer is consistantly tracking
RACE 7:BOURBON KING highest merited horse of the country for winter classics i feel it give weight second is Alvida:
RACE 8: 1.Southern Empire All were shocked when southern empire lost to Lombardia prakash could not beleive it losing to appu if that win of negligence and very soft going then this champion horse southern empire must take revenge in beating appu.
RACE 9:Kingdom of love

Good luck
make use of the day


Friday, November 23, 2007

bangalore horse racing saturday 24/11/07 selections

last 13 days winter season had been dominated with favrites ruling every day and bookmakers need money to pay from todays upsets to keep their business going.
today as per my predictions 3 favrites can win out of 9 races so go slow have money in reserve for better races!

Race 2: 4 Exclusive Grey for win this gelding is brother of caprese must win hands down by a distanceRace 4: 2 Astounding blue C D heyns must open his account for winRace 5: 7 War child for win theres small information from stable that they are on job.Race 7. 2 Wonder smile double for mam prakash
Well these are my tips for the day!
lets see how many will come true
Good luckRamana

todays bangalore races results my review 23/11/07


i had tipped 4 wins and 2 places and one tip keep away

let me apreciate my self first

and few confirmations

hi friends
how my tips fared today at bangalore 4 th day
has anyone read my selections?? ok anyway let me review my self!
these were my postings>>>>today u can cross check and witness my selections at gruop postings by time of posting:
friends!Today very nice race card for the dayThese are my selections for the day sorry for the late posting! i will to post earliar soon1 st Race:7.SCENIC MELODY back it even at 50 paisa it must win2.2.Pastiche very speedy horse start to finish back to back double for prakash and connections3rd Race: 3 Sontag Etoile.classic breed back win and place 4th Race:4.Need of the Hour favrite Perfect Tribute is for book makers to eat5th Race: 6 Confident Victory classic horses so far till now have not failed we have to today mam gave chance to shinde he needs to prove it so he will fight every inch.6th Race: Bad race keep away7th Race: Sunny Land foreign jockey ko ek race tho win karna hainaa?
Best of Luck Ramana tip at 1 st race is over whelming my suggestion is never get confused by any one anyone back winner at any odds. tip for the race is success again...hey even after pasttiche furious and dislodged rider prakash and made so much of fuss still won at 3 to one odds WonBy: 8 1/2 widenig margin3.3rd Race: 3 Sontag Etoile.classic breed back win and place >>>>>sucess4.4th Race:4.Need of the Hour favrite Perfect Tribute is for book makers to eat>>>>its placed and payout for tote is Rs. 26 as per postings5.5th Race: 6 Confident Victory classic horses so far till now have not failed we have to today mam gave chance to shinde he needs to prove it so he will fight every inch.>>>.sucess again6 no choice was good7.7th Race: Sunny Land foreign jockey ko ek race tho win karna hainaa? >it has also placed
i am shell shocked to see that iam totally ignored here in this gruop even after
givingwinners 1.scenic melody2.pastiche 3 to one place 80 paisaa3.santag winner at 16/104.need of the hour place at 2 to one at bookies5.confident victory 14/106.sunny land is placed and odds for place was 70 paisaa at book makerok anywaylove ramana

Thursday, November 22, 2007

bangalore 4 th day horse races selections and pointers

Today very nice race card for the day
These are my selections for the day sorry for the late posting! i will to post earliar soon
1 st Race: i fancy no 3 than favrite 7
win2.2.Pastiche very speedy horse start to finish back to back double for prakash and connections3rd Race: 3 Sontag Etoile.classic breed back win and place 4th Race:4.Need of the Hour favrite Perfect Tribute is for book makers to eat5th Race: 6 Confident Victory classic horses so far till now have not failed we have to today mam gave chance to shinde he needs to prove it so he will fight every inch.6th Race: Bad race keep away7th Race: Sunny Land foreign jockey ko ek race tho win karna hainaa?
Best of Luck Ramana

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

mumbai selections 22/nov/2007 my predictions

These are my selections for the day

1 st Race:looks like 5 Premeir Queen will run away from start to finish with neeraj.
2.Bad race keep away
3rd Race: 6 Very Bonafide.
4th Race: 7 PENINSULA can't see this horse losing sister of Crown Treasure losing... and with foreign jockey assistance and B.Chenoys systemetic preparation.
5th Race: 6 TIMELESS MEMORIES at this weight can any one beat her?
6th Race: 4 Star Always. was odds on failed favrite now with srinath as jockeys must win or place we can get good odds too.
7th Race: Earl of Warwick
:i think it has come to hand with main stable jockey mallesh must try it out and good double for stable.
Best of Luck

Monday, November 19, 2007

about tigers introduction to yahoo groups

hi friends!this is ramana....this is my first participation in this group...
About me....i have long been thinking to write a mailer to this here it is i have been a regular reader of postings here in this group....yes but i had no interaction so far!
Hi to tell u the fact abt me is..for sometime till now i have been analysing and watching "horse races" in india and abroad(perhaps 50,000 races till now)and i also read many books about "Handicapping" and Horse Racing by many writers see my blog at
ok anyway...
some thing about tipsters and bloggers now....
In my view... about tipsters about their selections etc, best blogger and best reviewer,tipster is tiger at now .... his earliar blog at
i hope most of us know about him.
>>>>just see his tip yesterday..
>>>>one of his pointer about about alvarita has saved me for the yesterday mumbai races.....
>>>>>. pls see his tip.....>>>>(for mumbai races yesterday)Race 6: Cant see 5. ALVARITA losing in this set.Tips: 5. ALVARITA Upset SHYBOY...
>>>>>in my openion about him...... he bothers much about handicapping in each and every race.. what i feel is he must forget weight for a classic participated horse.. and a horse which had already had classic touch.. will have slight edge... thats my true openion..about his blog..
please prove me wrong if only u can
thank you and love
and also if possible let's welcome him with big appalouse to our group..b'cause iam sending this mail to him as an invitation..

Saturday, November 17, 2007

mumbai selections

to day racing is with top class horses i think merit and inform horses will dominate.
1 st race: livorno it had already beaten hot stepper at bangalore summer isnt it?

2 race: oasis star is in top condition

3.race: bad race
4. yana has best chance (good pedigree).
5.successor (appu) may win track work is good
6.the hurricane

mumbai horse selections for 18/11/2007

to day racing is with top class horses i think merit and inform horses will dominate.

1 st race: livorno
2 race: oasis star
3.race bad race
4.bad race
6.the hurricane

Friday, November 16, 2007

bangalore saturday 17/11/selections

hi friends
iam sorry for not posting my selections due to time constaints
today how ever i had nice winning day day

i will post my selections

by tommorow morning stay in touch


Sunday, November 11, 2007

today hyderabad postings selections

hi friends!

i have 3 selections for today
1 race :portpatrix i like this bet because of jockeys partnership and breed and original wel is also giving as days best...
race 3 ;Roudolf valentino for win
race no 5. Bundle of roses (if Roudolf v wins number one must repeat in this race so pls wait and watch) many times i have this kind of event happening..
wait i will come back


Azim Premji Profile

Born: July 24, 1945Achievements: Chairman of Wipro Technologies; Richest Indian for the past several years; Honored with Padma Bhushan in 2005. Azim Premji is Chairman of Wipro Technologies, one of the largest software companies in India. He is an icon among Indian businessmen and his success story is a source of inspiration to a number of budding entrepreneurs.Born on July 24, 1945, Azim Hashim Premji was studying Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, USA when due to the sudden demise of his father, he was called upon to handle the family business. Azim Premji took over the reins of family business in 1966 at the age of 21. At the first annual general meeting of the company attended by Azeem Premji, a shareholder doubted Premji's ability to handle business at such a young age and publicly advised him to sell his shareholding and give it to a more mature management. This spurred Azim Premji and made him all the more determined to make Wipro a success story. And the rest is history.When Azim Premji occupied the hot seat, Wipro dealt in hydrogenated cooking fats and later diversified to bakery fats, ethnic ingredient based toiletries, hair care soaps, baby toiletries, lighting products and hydraulic cylinders. Thereafter Premji made a focused shift from soaps to software. Under Azim Premji's leadership Wipro has metamorphosed from a Rs.70 million company in hydrogenated cooking fats to a pioneer in providing integrated business, technology and process solutions on a global delivery platform. Today, Wipro Technologies is the largest independent R&D service provider in the world. Azim Premji has several achievements to his credit. In 2000, Asiaweek magazine, voted Premji among the 20 most powerful men in the world. Azim Premji was among the 50 richest people in the world from 2001 to 2003 listed by Forbes. In April 2004, Times Magazine, rated him among the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine. He is also the richest Indian for the past several years. In 2005,Government of India honored Azim Premji with Padma Bhushan.

hyderabad selections


friends yet another losing day for us.. ok no problem lets still hope...that we can overcome...
ok for tommorow i have one winner that is portpatick in first rce..
good luck
come back for tommorows post

Saturday, November 10, 2007

hyderabad race selections

i have 2 bets today
race no 2: copertina favrite costa mesa needs some distance
race no 7 vijaya raaj a highly rated horse at hyderabad
thats it
good luck


Friday, November 09, 2007

bngalore winter 2 selections

yesterday succesfully we operarted nandini assocites book at second enclosure.

todays my selections
4.flaming glory my best et is uppser crust
6.arabian night
good luck

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

diwali wishes to u all

Diwali is a unique confluence of happiness, bliss & prosperity. Come together & enjoy the lights & sounds of this wondrous occasion. Wish your near & dear ones a Happy Diwali i will be starting our Book maker point from tommorow at bangalore

for mumbai

Irish Jockey Daniel Grant is all set to make an impression on the Mahalaxmi Turf on Thursday. He has been engaged to ride for owner Harish Mehta for the current Season. Grant has a rich experience behind him having ridden well over 2,000 races in his career so far. He has ridden close to 120 winners and it will be interesting to see how he shapes up at the Mumbai Race Course.

Two other overseas jockeys have been granted an "A" license to ride in India. Twenty-year-old Christopher Denise Hayes will be riding in the colours of Dr. Vijay Mallya representing United Racing and Bloodstock Breeders Ltd. Hayes is a young jockey and his score of 116 winners till date shows that he has it in him what it takes to be in the forefront on the race track. He has so far ridden about 1,400 races. Another foreign rider, Silvestre De Sousa will also make his appearance before long. He has arrived from Brazil.

A compact card of 7 races is slated for the day and it is expected to be competitive and absorbing. Here are the selections for Thursday

Friday, November 02, 2007

kolkata winter races

About 320 horses are in station to participate during the meet spanning 30 race days spread over five-and-half months—commencing on Sunday, November 4 and concluding on Friday, April 11.
Other than Daniel David, trainer Vijay Singh is expected to be in the forefront with a fairly large string comprising 49 older horses and 19 two-year-olds.
Two other trainers who are sure to have a major impact this season are Javed Khan and Robin Corner. Both are men with excellent track records and are certain to give the pair of top-notchers mentioned earlier, a run for their money. Thus far, 13 'A' and 2 'B' licenses have been granted to the trainers stationed at this centre.
As many as 24 'A' and 20 'B' licensed riders, spearheaded by Christopher Alford and Imran Chisty, will be donning silks for various owners. The power-packed stables of Deepak Khaitan and MAM. Ramaswamy are certain to dominate the proceedings once again as they have been doing during the past several years. It is also reliably learnt that the colours of big names like Dhunjibhoy and Vijay Mallya will be seen in action on all major race days.
An auction has been planned for Tuesday, November 20. Three two-year-olds and seven older horses brought to this centre by the Club will come under the hammer. Aspiring owners can cash in on this early auction sale.
Come Sunday, make it a point to have your finger in the pie when the season kick-starts with a bang!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

bangalore winter season dates ( horse racing) 2007-2008

BANGALORE: About 800 horses and 80 jockeys will feature in the Bangalore winter meetings which kick off here on Saturday, November 5. The season concludes on March 31, 2006. The highlight of the winter meetings will be the Invitation Cup weekend to be held on Saturday, March 4 and Sunday, March 5.
Racing will be held mainly on Fridays and Saturdays, and concurrently winter races will be held at Mysore for a fortnight, mainly on Wednesdays. Compared to an overall stakes of 7.97 crores paid out during the last winter meeting, a total stakes of Rs.11 crores, including the Invitation Cup, which is estimated at Rs.1.50 crores, would be paid during this season.
A maximum of eight races would be conducted on all race days and nine during classics and the concluding day of the season.
The BTC, also announced that probable international rating will be published for horses placing first, second and third in all graded and other important races and a consolidated list of top 20 horses will be published along with probable international rating at the conclusion of every racing season.
This is expected to serve as a useful guide to owners and trainers aspiring to race their wards abroad. Briefing the media, the Chairman of the BTC, Mr. Marilingaiah, said that due to abundant rain, the track is in an excellent condition. About 13 to 15 bookmakers, are expected to operate in the first and second enclosures respectively.
The following are the race dates: Nov: 5, 12, 13, 19, 25 and 26 (Bangalore 1000 Guineas); Dec: 3 (Bangalore Turf Club Trophy), 9, 10 (Harvins Bangalore 2000 Guineas), 17, 23, 24, 30 and 31.
Jan. 2006: 6 (Bangalore Oaks), 13 (Chief Minister's Trophy), 20, 21, 26 (Poonawalla Bangalore Derby) and 27. Feb: 3, 11, 17, 18 (Bangalore Winter Million), 24 and 25 (Governor's Trophy). March: 4 (Sprinters and Stayers Cup), 5 (Indian Turf Invitation Cup), 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25, 30 and 31 (Bangalore Juvenile Million).

mumbai winter horse season dates

Mumbai season from Nov. 18
MUMBAI, NOV. 12. The Mumbai winter racing season will get underway here from November 18 and conclude on May 1, 2005 according to the prospectus issued here by Royal Western India Turf Club (RWITC).
Until last year, a lengthy programme of 55 race days used to be framed by the Turf Club but it never achieved the desired goals.
The main reason of reducing more number of race days from 55 to 46 race meetings by RWITC is in a bid to reverse the dwindling public attendance at the races and also boost up the fragile economy of the turf club.
The total stakesmoney for the season is Rs. 9,13,00,000 including the worth of trophies as against last year's Rs. 8,26,04,500 including the value of trophies.
Previously, sponsors were keen to sponsor the Indian Classic events in Western India but this year's prospectus paints a grim picture as only one, the Indian Derby (Feb. 6) has been sponsored by McDowell & Co. Ltd. It is expected that power czars of RWITC will do their best to rope in some new sponsors for the other classic events before it is too long.
Mr. B.N. Nanjappa, the estate manager of RWITC told The Hindu that " this year we have brought the Gujarat graded river sand for the all weather track. The inside 20 feet of the all weather track at Mumbai race course has been relayed with the Gujarat river sand for the entire circumference. This track is exclusively being reserved for the fast work of the horses. Not more than two horses abreast will be permitted to go fast for the time being''.
He also disclosed that " the remaining 60 feet of all weather track will be very soon partitioned with false rails for slow work i.e. trotting and slow canter.''
" I don't think that with the relaying of this Gujarat sand, horses will be able to record the fast timings (like the Pune sand track) like earlier years'' he added.
He also said that " horses which worked for 10 to 15 minutes in the bund schools earlier may not take such a long time due to relaying of Gujarat sand in the bund schools''.
" If the newly laid sand track proves better during the coming Mumbai season, we may use the same sand for the bund schools and the outer sand track at Pune so that horses could go fast during the wet spell'' he said.
" Once a week, all the trainers who desire to give mock race to their wards will be permitted to gallop on the outer strip of the race track. A starting gate will be kept ready for this purpose. The mock races will start from 2000m or whichever trip the trainers may desire'' he disclosed.
Suraj Narredu will ride for trainer Aarti Doctor's horses while Kamlesh will don the silk for trainer C.D. Katrak. M. Narredu will guide the destiny of Mr. K.N. Dhunjibhoy's horses. C. Rajendra as usual will be piloting Mr. Shapoorji's horses. B. Prakash will ride Dr. M.A.M. Ramasamy's horses.
Horses to follow:
Adam's Bank, Adam's Star, American Hot, Ardmore, Ashbourne, Auchinblae, Avantage, Blue Horizon, Brave Victor, Bregenz, Cruise Control , Danger In Sight, Daughterofcharity, Dazzling Queen, Divine Romance, Euro Star, Eva, Everlasting Joy, Fraud, Frida Kahlo, Future Star, Gold Star, High Opinion, Infinite Glory, Kanthara, Ladybank, Lapwing, Money Star, Monifieth, Morpheus, Noble Desire, Ocean Of Angels, Power League, Priceless Place, Protege, Proteus, Paddington Green, Portal Of Victory, Radical Velocity, Raphaela, Rivendell, Romantica, Rosemount, Royal Hunt, Shyboy, Sheen Falls, Somerset West, Soul Mountain, Sugar N Spice, Thunderello, Venus Arising, Waves Of Glory and Zahra.

Hyderabad winter horse race season from Nov. 4

Hyderabad season from Nov. 4
HYDERABAD: A total of Rs.7,61,48,500 crore will be at stake during the 2007-08 winter racing season, starting on November 4, marking a 26.20 per cent increase over last winter’s offering.
The stakes, race-wise, will be the highest in the country.
The main attraction of the ensuing season will be the Invitation Cup week-end to be held on March 1 and 2.
The Hyderabad Race Club will for the first time host the Hyderabad Juvenile Multi Million stakes for three-year-olds only on March 2 adding more attraction to the Invitation day.
In addition, the A.P. Race Horse Owners Association Million (for three-year-olds only) will be another event punters will look forward to on January 27, the Vijay Textiles Golconda Derby Stakes day.
The other racing days are:
November 5, 11, 12, 18 (Golconda 1000 Guineas), 19, 25 and 26.
December 2, 3, 9 (Golconda 2000 Guineas), 10, 16, 17, 23, 25, 30 and 31.
January 6 (Golconda Oaks and Byerly Turk Stakes), 7, 11 (Darley Arabian Stakes), 20 (Qutab Shahi Cup), 21, 27 (Vijay Textiles Golconda Derby Stakes) and 28.
February 2 (Kakatiya Cup), 10 (Golconda Juvenile Million), 11, 17, 18 (Godolphin Barb Stakes), 24 (Alcock Arabian Stakes) and 25.
March 1 (Sprinter’s Cup, Stayer’s Cup) and 2 (Indian Turf Invitation Cup, Super Mile Cup, Hyderabad Juvenile Multi Million Stakes).
Trainer Shamsuddin’s son, Zoheb Sheik will put his charges through the paces from this season.

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