Saturday, February 09, 2008

mumbai sunday selections

hi friends!
theres no quality racing at hyderabad therefore no postings please
friends... for bangalore yesterday (20 th day) i had straight 5 winners at blog and i had 3 wins at race course final decicion! HILL OF GRACE in first race at 6 to one PACIFIC PRIDE 3 to one and at 8 th race OCEAN CREST 5 to one so on the whole i had good wins ...good day for me :my prediction of more favrites day also came through and i had few new confirmations and consolidations for future too so wish me to give more winners at longer odds and wish me to give more eaters yes! see my other blog at

Race 1 :
1. Dynamic Cat
Race 2 :
1.Tullamore 2.Lady Trooper 3.Phi
Race 3 :
1.Classic 2.Astro Boy 3.Amadomio
Race 4 :
1. Oyster Princes 2.Councilofthegods 3.Star Always {Oyster princes beating carlos was no joke}
Race 5 :
1.KNIGHT2.Mickey Mantle 3.Axiology
Race 6 :
1.Casual Look 2.Golden Spurs should fight out the issue
Race 7 :
1.Oasis Star 2.Avec Placir 3. Escravos (who ever winner here will be live contender for sprinters classic)
Race 8 :
1.IL Divo 2.Liverpool 3.Artistical
Race 9 :
1.Adallia 2.Socaroro 3.Hawkeye

Day's Best:Oasis star

double:casual look:IL Divo

good luck

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