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tipsters tally for indian winter racing

here i will analyse who is giving more winners in the coming season

participants will be
the hindu
original wel
betting ring

leading race horse owners in india

Dr. Vijay Mallya is and has been one of the most successful owners in Indian racing, having won over 1500 races including 147 Classic Races. Passionate about his horses and racing, Dr. Mallya, Chairman of the UB Group was responsible for a revival in the fortunes of Indian racing that had lost a lot of its glamour and sheen and returning it to its glory days with his generous sponsorships.

Dr MAM ramaswamy is easily the worlds biggest horse owner. He has nearly 700 horses in training. He also owns a Stud Farm. Thus his commitment to the sport is truly phenomenal. There is hardly any horse owner in the country who plans out as meticulously the racing program of all their wards as he does. It is no mean task for he also has a business empire to take care of. The professionals who have been patronized by him have all reaped a rich harvest for he is a generous patron. His trainers have benefited immensely by his ability to target the horses for specific races, with outstanding success. His keen eye for spotting champions has been the envy of all.

Capt Jamshed Appoo
Vasant kumar reddy
g.prabhakar reddy
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Owning A Racehorse

Owning A Racehorse
The breeding industry is faced with one serious problem--there are not enough buyers for the total number of horses produced. If you want to own a racehorse you have to be registered and accepted as an owner by any of the five turf authorities. The first step is to decide on your budget. Horses are available for anything between Rs 25,000 and 25 lakh, quite like paintings. The only difference is that while paintings are a somewhat sound investment, there is no guarantee whatsoever that the thoroughbred for which you have coughed up a million will turn out to be a champion. Few horses ever recover their cost price and, remember, there is a monthly expense of at least Rs 7,000 by way of a basic training fee which keeps adding up on your meter once the horse has been purchased.
So, if it's not a viable proposition, why do people own horses? Well, that's a difficult one to answer, but let us face it, you can't own a racehorse unless you have the bucks. At least you can't own one yourself. What you can do is form a partnership, or a syndicate, or a private limited company or a racing club which are all recognised forms of ownership worldwide. Thus, instead of being an individual owner you can be part of any of the above and that would not only cut down on your investment and your expenses but it could also allow you to own more than just a few reasonably priced horses with whom you have some chance of making a go of it (see box). Remember, depending on how you handle them, a racehorse can race from the age of two years until the age of seven or eight. This is on an average. There have been quite a few who have continued to race at the highest level until well past the age of eight but they are at their prime between the time they are four and six.

stallions in india

2.diffident smith
7.strom trooper
8.royal kingdom.
10.china visit.
12.burden of proof
13.brave act.

leading stud farms in india

1.poonawala farms

great indian race horses

1.elusive pimpernal
3.divine light.
4.sir bruce
5.brave dancer
6.king of the hills.
7.time and place
10.track lightining
11.mystic memory
12.bugs bunny
13.premium spirit.
15.chaitanya chakram
16.classic story
18.wandering star
19.flirting vision.
20.northern star
21.amorous knight.
22.fantabulous king.
23.southern empire.
27.corden blew
33.running flame
34.exclusive virtue
35.onnu onnu onnu
44.chaitanya chakram.
45.superbrave chiftan
47.amaging bay.

top indian horse racing trainers and jockeys


retired jockeys
1.p shankar above 1500
2.jagdish 1960
3.robin corner above 1000
4.pesi shroff 1475
5.a khader 1450
current jockeys data from 2000

1.b.prakash 1017 wins
2.appu 793
3.c.rajendra 558
4.m.nareedu 497
5.c.alford 490
6.suraj nareedu 418
7.srinath 344
8.gallagher 327
9.imaran khan hyd 253
10.kamlesh 246
11.b.shinde hyd 245
12.harish 214.
13.p s chouhan 196.
14.merchant 175.
16.rajesh 156.
17.r.marshal 153.
18.kharadi 134.
19.b.v.krishnan 146.
20.b.shoban babu 109.
ravinder singh.80
1.S.Ganapati 553.
2.ldsilva 399
3.ia sait.390
4.R.byramji 353.
5.eshwer 269
7.n lagad.246.
8.jodha 225
9.b chenoy 187
10.J s dhariwal 237
11.s nareedu 154
12.ponnappa 156 160.
14.vijay singh 331
15.rafaat 165
16.puttanna 181.
17.samar singh 149
18.manglorkar 135.
19.shroff 80
21.ghatala 131
22.javed khan 104.
23.loknath 130 jadhav 96.
25.m shah 94.
26.mohan valavi 78
27.nina lalvani.60.
28.pradeep annaih 53.
29.kv srinivas 142.
30.krk raju 203
31.shamshuddin 128
33.zadmal 53.
34.altaf hussain 159
35.toddywala 324
36.antia 208.

lets see who will out whom in the coming season

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