Tuesday, January 18, 2011

hows it getting consolidated

major top connections;
first and second start of life
with even more better Jockey?
certain unbeatables!
at 50 kg mark
who is working on whom

Monday, January 17, 2011

17th jan monday post lot many things

work at golkona sro again ok with 1 entry; morning tried muzmzahi market office and scooter missbehaved; ebening erragadda office tried; morning 2 images scanned and posted; Mor 2 days blogs also posted and tweeted too; R&D on RX connections did;ajays call recd;night stats checked; walk 2 chikkadpalli sro; scooter ok by afternoon;prints of golkonda took;tablets at morning purchased; Corbonpaper; new bouncer is drunkard at tiffen time; rs 500/- from bank;scotter levers covers; rx fixres checked;mor msgs sent to gta;

Night room rent nd vacating by balu; water to room;

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