Tuesday, October 23, 2007

my preparation for mumbai winter races selections& plans

my added thoughts for next winter season:

Important point: not to lose debut winners who will have more winning chnaces atlest 100 debut winners will win in winter season in all race race tracks of india as per my clculations then last time seconds.
what about last season failed favrites and current season failed favrites ??
and foreign jockeys will also have some wins isnt it??
big owners like mam ramaswamy, mallya,dhunji bhoy poonawalas,khaitans ,shapoor mistry
appo, will shine in coming season.
r r byramji,padmanabhan,i.a.siat, vinayak share of wins??

dear readers!

from now i will try to post my ideas daily
i am preparing well for coming winter season,
todays times of india one article expert says sucess in life is depends on how carefully we prepare and plan so lets plan for coming season.
good luck
i have some pointer here
my idea is how many big owners and top jockeys will plan to dominate next season how many will be debut winners? can we get horse s list anywhere ???

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