Thursday, November 22, 2007

bangalore 4 th day horse races selections and pointers

Today very nice race card for the day
These are my selections for the day sorry for the late posting! i will to post earliar soon
1 st Race: i fancy no 3 than favrite 7
win2.2.Pastiche very speedy horse start to finish back to back double for prakash and connections3rd Race: 3 Sontag Etoile.classic breed back win and place 4th Race:4.Need of the Hour favrite Perfect Tribute is for book makers to eat5th Race: 6 Confident Victory classic horses so far till now have not failed we have to today mam gave chance to shinde he needs to prove it so he will fight every inch.6th Race: Bad race keep away7th Race: Sunny Land foreign jockey ko ek race tho win karna hainaa?
Best of Luck Ramana

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