Saturday, January 19, 2008

selections for oaks day

usually in my experience oaks day always tough one to pick winners so go very slow today!

1.7. star speed some of the blank trainers must get bhoni to save their face , and 1 absolute reality can place.
2. queens court has a fighting chance here athena place
3.chardin, flashing flame should fight out every inch.
4.tantrik and pacemaker a toss up.
5.insite soul and daniel grant all the way vantage can place.
6.oyster cove and shyboy may fight out the issue.
7.lovrono can upset favrite hence back it eachway.(the way it ran last race waiting behind shows its staying ability and can stongly finish at the end.alvarita is the best experienced in this race can place and c alford has been doing well for the connections.
8.this year sprinter cup aspirant oasis star can walk over with the race.
9.oreintal jewel

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