Friday, May 16, 2008

bangalore first day 17 th may 2008

hello friends!

after a boring time here again a new hope and a new season for horse race lovers.
bangalore first day card seems to be good for odds on favrites it looks like first and second favrites.
we have to check how many book makers have survived for this season slowly but steadily all book makers will die and there will be only tote yes it will happen.

kainche or something is being introduced for the first time in bangalore,more so the news of btc changing its course to a different place on the news papers to be noted.

i feel first and last race seems to be for odds on and favites rest of the card is is quite ompetitive.

my selections for the day
1. pleasuring and aquitaine may fight out.
2.enduring star is my selection it gave fight to much rated star of washington. my days best bet.
3.spread a smile
4.pied harrier. m nareedu poetic will be fist filly to tuble for this season against 4 olds. wave.
6.race very tough race to pic winner but i like to place a small eachway bet on stylish bay.
7.miss pukka
8.own voice
good luck

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