Tuesday, October 31, 2006

online horse race betting

hi folks,
this season i want to bet online but i dont know how to bet can someone help me in this???
can someone predict which jockey is going to be champion in bangalore this season wether srinath or prakash?? last year it was srinath

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Anonymous said...

Online betting in India could not take off in spite of RWITC initiative a few years ago.

US online betting companies do not accept bets from other countries except Canada.

Ladbokes of England offers bets on British as well as some of US racing on its web site; one can become a member online. But whether credit card deposit can be made is a grey area? RBI rules do not allow gambling and lottery transactions using credit cards, but there was a supreme court ruling many years ago stating that horse racing is NOT GAMBLING.
For further info , please e-mail.

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