Sunday, November 12, 2006

false favrites in indian horse racing

Subject: False Favourites
The following Horses were made false favourites yesterday :

Vesuvio .. No performance worth mentioning earlier. Simply Glorious deserved to win with Gallagher up based on its earlier win carrying 60 kgs.

Secret Memory....No trackwork.......travelled all over India......whereas Running Bull came very close second to Southern Empire earlier in a mile Race and was blazing the track. With feather weight, RB winning the race was no surprise.

Sloan Square...Did not deserve to be odds on favourite......Lava had won previous outing beating Afghan with a handsome margin of 5 3/4 lengths.

As such leading tipsters, newspapers, books including are advised to go thru the records before predicting winners. This only leads punters without knowledge to lose money and lose faith in Racing !!!

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