Sunday, November 12, 2006

best track workouts of horses and wins

the following horses have won and placed in the recent past(this analysis is based mostly on the hindu track work:
1.turbo babe 3/1
2.secret garden 4 to 1
3.soverign power 13/10
4.oyster gem 3 to one
5.eienstein 13to 1
6.onnu onnu onnu 25/100
7.appeasing 5 to one
8.running bull the comment in original vel was "will have a bold show"
9.afghan 2 to one
10.saphire strom 5 to one tough guy 2 to one
12.touch of glory
13.secret command 70/100
1 jersy pride second
2 yantai second
3.sloane square sec
3.the rising 2
4.alzahara 2
5.conde nast 2
6.real excellence
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