Tuesday, November 07, 2006

my betting strategy for winter season

my race punting strategy tips goes like this:
1.back 2 and 3 olds good breeds with good connections and eat fillies when become favrite because fillies failing in my last 20 years experience.
2.back failed favrites.(to up date this list)
3.back winners again as favrites.(horse and jockey combinations)
4.back blazing tracked animals.(see list of winners of good work)
5.back my pics at good prices like 8 to 1 and more.(pls suggest some longer odds.)
6.i think when place is offered as evns i must back them.
7.to have long term plan.
8.make a big syndicate of 25 lakhs thru my friends etc and continue eating aswel if possible.
9.to have a uniform betting plan.from now 2 k or 1 k minimum.
10.to hunt big pools also.like jp etc
11.back seasons best horses with confidence.(like southrn empire)
12.see grade 1 winners and back them against poor bunch
13.use syncronisation is it possible?
14.identify vulnarable false favrites and eat them with confidence

frinds pls post your views on this post

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