Monday, October 22, 2007

india horse owners

hi friends,

what do u think about indian race horse owners..? what i feel is ..mam ramaswamy may be a world record owner but vijay mallys has captured indian horse racing stats with thats smart game mam is still a orthodox what i feel and most of his connections average is not maching up many are trying against him ...isnt it pls read and respond.....pls

and ....whats happening to bangalore race course ??? most of its outer fence is (now near micro labs ltd )is dismantled can someone respond on this ..matter please?

and abt todays hyderabad races...
3 favrites have won and regainedmy confidence about horse race punt..pundintism...slang may be new to you...pls keep in touch with my blog ..

hi friends are we not gaining knowledge after each race being run..and horses being run..what i feel is iam gaining good knowledge after each race...and race after race..why cant we share our post race analyisys?? pls respond...

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