Saturday, October 20, 2007

sunday pune selections

Race 1:Snow ranger good breeding christopher is hard rider
Race 2: palermo
Race 3: Nanjing queen of turf
Race 4: Star flight-easy win try this horse will be second favriteStrne royal been a flop many times i think it will continue this day too.
Race 5: Red dawn try win and place also
Race 6 : bad race
Race 7 : upset race
good luckramana


Anonymous said...

Hyderabad 22/10/07 selections:-

1) Gold Mint/Lolita
2)Realtor/Mystic Crown
3)Classic Art/True Legend
4)Mi Jhinkle/Our Conquest/Bang
Baba Bang.
5)Raj Veer/Al Jouf/Classic Hammer
6)Fabulous Crown/Mr.Chief

Best of luck.....

veduku said...

hi guy!

who left comment

pls mail me to
thx ramana

veduku said...

hi readers

i think now that both nair and tiger have opted to members only what i feel is (iam a search engine analist)they are losers net favors visits and vitors and biased comemments i advise them to make their blogs readers friendly and be open to comment anything you still can moderate comments...after all if at all any web site or blog will suceed only whaen more and more readers come...back again and again and again

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