Monday, October 22, 2007

d byramji and c alford suspension

Darius Byramji and C Alford whose license was withdrawn for one year by the Stewards of the Mysore Race Club, got reprieve from the Stewards of the Bangalore Turf Club on Sunday. Both the professionals had incurred the wrath of the Stewards following the defeat of favourite Echoes of Light in the hands of owner-mate Bold Reply. Races were held up following riot by irate punters. Darius Byramji’s suspension was reduced from one year to one month and he stands suspended till the end of December 31, 2007 while C Alford’s suspension stays suspended up to the end of May 31, 2008. Both the professionals can now appeal to the Appeal Board and can get further reduction. It is believed that some high level pressure ensured that the suspension of these professionals got diluted so much.

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