Friday, March 07, 2008

bangalore 26 day march 8 th 2008

hi friends!
sorry bad yesterday for me....lets beath for another today!

lot of things at betting are changing since morning...

1 race 4. Flair queen getting backed strongly.
3 race 2. On a roll..against this mount spicy star and spark of class are getting heavily backed so theres seems to be threat for favrite.
5 race 7 Flaming lamborgini is slowly drifting out so this one seems to in some doubt or wether favrite is false on Riobravo??
and finally...
4 race Scenic melody: also has a threat in rimpuche as its got heavy betting so now to avoid backing favrite scenic melody.
8 race Leagues apart is strongly backed out without reason???

ok good luck
please watch ring and back carefully.

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