Wednesday, October 18, 2006

how to bet in haorse racing tips for betting

Studying the form
‘Form’ is simply the information and facts about a horse's past performances. You can find a summary of form in the national newspapers. If you would like a more detailed analysis, then the Racing Post has a wide range of statistical information.

Also, on the day, you can buy a racecard which contains basic form. Sometimes it also contains useful information such as which trainers or jockeys have a good record at that particular course.

Some factors worth taking into consideration when looking at form is whether the horse has won previously over a certain distance or going. Also you might want to look at the weight it’s carrying compared to previous races or whether it is going up or dropping down significantly in the class of the race.

Focusing on the horses
Studying the form can assist in picking winners but it's not the only component and it’s definitely worth actually having a look at the horses before the race, either in the pre-parade ring or the Parade Ring, to see how they’re looking.

The sort of signs you should be seeking in a potential winner are:·

A good muscle tone, often referred to as ‘condition’
Match this with a shiny coat, bright eyes, forward-pointing ears and an alert manner and you’re in with a good chance
Pay attention to how the horse moves. A relaxed forward stride is ideal but watch out for unnecessary agitation - the horse could well be wasting energy
Profuse sweating can be an indication of nerves, but don’t cut this out altogether as for some horses this is normal
Equally, don’t be put off by blinkers or visors, which are worn to help channel the horse’s concentration during the race

Make a limit and stick to it. If you wish to bet at the racecourse, include your limit as part of the cost of the day. That way, any winnings are a bonus, and any losses are part of the costs.
Don't chase losses. There is always another day.
Only bet what you can afford to lose. You alone can judge this.
Stay in control of your betting.

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