Friday, March 28, 2008

bangalore last day march 29 th selections

well friends! yet another season is going to end on a winning note mostly this season was a bookies terror ( except yesterday) many of the bookmakers are on the verge of bankrupcy. small book makers have already filed their papers with turf clubs. 6 book makers have closed shutters in bangalore.

odds trend shows that today also favrites card is framed.

1.SHEZA STAR and MONEYINTHEBANK should fightout.


3.APPERTAIN. theres no smell for this season for this big owner khaitan at all ??


5.FLEETING ARROW this ponnawalla million participant will not stay cool. ARCHIPENKO looks to be false favriote.

6.GREEN BAX original call horse and srinath may go for start to finish.

7.CALLISTA a speedy mare.

that should be enough for the day for me.

lets see what happens.

good luck

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