Saturday, February 23, 2008

poonawala breeders million 2008

Hi friends!
hmmm...happy million day try to become millionaire today :)
who will win this poonawalls million ?
i feel Mam Rama swamy and in my openion and observation many of poonawala millions race won by second or third favrites in the past! therefore i wont back fav in this race.
ok anyway my selections for the day!
1.Earl of Warwick win dominatrix is becoming fav in this set better to eat it.
2.Own voice - ikaria
3.Nanjing can win again best eat is totalitarian
4.bad race
5.Wild Temper
6.Mam can not leave this richest race or he will go bancrupt so he will try with Mark of gibraltar Sucessor will be there from start
7.4 Dynamic cat my days best pic
8.7.secret pilgrim

good luck

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