Thursday, February 21, 2008

bangalore 23 day feb 22 nd race selections

hi friends yesterday i had 3 winners have u noticed?

ok today bangalore card also small and tough so again go slow the only way to suceed in horse racing is to wait till your choice and utilyse the opportunity when it comes and be very patience patince pays.


2.DIFFERENT OPINION a failed favrite. note! i strongly beleive something is going to happen with 3 Radiant act because manohar has not opend his account yet and its readily prepapred

3.AN EQUAL MUSIC account opener for trainer ???

4. very tricky race FLAMING LAMBORGIN a possible double for s nareedu.or very speedy soberano can do something also note top of the class there fore i will keep quite here!

5.APERTINI -River blush



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