Saturday, December 29, 2007

mumbai 12 day races selections

nice race card ahead for the day looks like punters day
my choices

1.2 imperium id far superior horse here i will bet this.
2. 4. toofan mail must bring back that loss of last time 2.hym star track work is good but no real time race track perfance to back.
3. 4 nitrous has all the chances but maseeha the way it won last time also has a fighting chance but it has no classic touch hence my choice is nitrous.
4.a clear bad race stay out from this.
5.3.successor made a succesful debut it must succeed to day also
the only threat can come from queens quest.
6.1.council of gods
7.most of the contestants have live chance play your choice here i will stay away.
8. 9. carlos the way it ran last time warants merit 2.heifitz can be nice shp hunt.

pls stay in touch with your comments

thank you


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