Tuesday, August 21, 2007

google cash cow

Google making people Rich!
What is Googleadsense?

There are many companies who promote their products online through Google Advertising. Google is so clever that they not only publish ad in their own sites , but also it publish ads in no google websites or other's website. They pay 60% of revenue from google ads to website owners like us through cheque. So cleverly google making million of dollars every month through advertising.
Moreover,You don't have to run a large site or have much traffic to make money and AdSense works for small enthusiast or hobby sites as well as larger operations.

Here is what Google writes about it's adsense program:
"Google Adsense is the programme that can generate advertising revenue from each page on your website—with a minimal investment in time and no additional resources. Adsense delivers relevant ads that are precisely targeted on a page-by-page basis to the content people find on your site.
Google Adsense ads, are highly content relevant ads, that are served directly on your pages - without your intervention. For you as a webmaster, this means that you simply paste the Google Adsense code on your pages, and thereafter have a constantly updated and relevant advertising income.

Does I have to sell any products?
Never Have to Personally Sell Anything
Never Have to Deal With Any Customers
Make 1000's a Day From Home
How much can I earn per day?
It's all depend on your website content. If you have good content you make more money. For example if your site is about credit cards you get 1$ to 10$ per click. See this site it contains information about credit cards ,if anyone click any google ads we earn 1$ to 10$.Credit card guide
Other top paying keywords are Woman fitness, Depression, Cancer, Divorce, Communication, Hair Loss, Cell Phone, Trading, Perfume, Recreation, Insurance, Loans, Drug rehab etc.,There are even some ads which 60$ per click.

There is simple formula to success with adsense. Here it is:


Basic requirements to join google adsense?

Own Domain name like www.yourname.com
Good Content where you will be paid $10 per each Click.
.Now you have Domain then you should have rich content with Maximum webpage's to your website. We have Ready made website with rich content.

Don'ts In Google adsense:
Never Try to click on your own Ads. Google will Block your account.
Never use proxy software and click on your ads. Google will Block your account. Again you have to open another account In different name.

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